Our 10 Favorite Wallpapers To Spruce Up Your Office

Our 10 Favorite Wallpapers To Spruce Up Your Office - Bloguettes


Our 10 Favorite Wallpapers To Spruce Up Your Office - Bloguettes: Does your office need a facelift? We're showing you the 10 best Chasing Paper wallpapers for your office whether you're a fashion diva or a woodsy hipster!

Every so often, we need a change. Whether we chop off our hair on a Tuesday, get a new single-needle dandelion tattoo, or buy a spicy red dress for the weekend, we can all use a little sprucing up now and then.

The same thing goes for offices. You spend 40+ hours a week in the office and there are times when you look at the blank white walls and think, “This could use a facelift.” If you’re in that stage, here are five of our favorite Chasing Paper wallpapers to spruce up your office!

The Minimalist

Just enough negative space, just enough design.

Peep the product: Gridlock

The Innovator

Full of ideas, The Innovator needs a place to write and dream out their elaborate schemes and visionary goals.

Peep the product: Chalkboard Panel

The Vintage Sweetheart

For the lovers of vanilla lace, blush pink babydoll dresses, and a steamy cup of Southern tea.

Peep the product: Flower Power

The Makeup Guru

When your walls need to be on the same level as your blinding highlight and knife edge eyeliner.

Peep the product: Pucker Up

The Moody Writer

For the spill-your-heart-out writer: a soothing design reflective of moons, tufts of wheat, and buds of lavender.

Peep the product: Delicate Thoughts

The Glitzy Gal

A glossy gold background with bold peonies. Dress up as needed.

Peep the product: Peonies

The Woodsy Hipster

If you can’t go outdoors, the next best thing is to bring a tribute to lush outdoor forests, inside.

Peep the product: Antlers

The Fashion Blogger

The best things in life come in small speckles. Confetti, glitter, and those rainbow colored sprinkles on top of your double chocolate scoop.

Peep the Product: Speckle

The Quaint Hostess

These are a few of our favorite things: doves, trees, teacups, dainty gloves, and crisp leaves.

Peep the Product: Folk

The Edgy Graphic Designer

Symmetrical faded triangles that follow all the rules of proportion and negative space.

Peep the Product: Stamped Triangles

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