10 HTML Codes You Should Know As A Blogger

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10 HTML Codes You Should Know As A Blogger


10 HTML Codes You Should Know As A Blogger

There are many things you have to learn when joining the world of blogging. As a one-man-band, you’ll learn to tackle social media, graphic design, photography, and the dreaded word….coding! While coding is becoming a common subject taught in schools, chances are, you’ve had little to no exposure to the world of the HTML and CSS languages.

If you’re going into the bloggersphere empty-handed, fear not! Here are 10 simple and easy-to-use HTML codes that can help take your blog’s content to the next level.

Note: You can find the HEX number for colors here, and a list of popular font options here!


  1. 1

    Bolded Text: <strong>Your text here</strong>

  2. 2

    Break: Your word, paragraph, or image here</br>

  3. 3

    Insert Image: <img title=”title text” src=”http://yourdomainnamehere.com/imagenamehere.gif” alt=”alt text” width=”100″ height=”150″ />

  4. 4

    Hyperlinked Text (add a URL): <a href=”http://urlgoeshere.com/”>Your text goes here here</a>

  5. 5

    Paragraph: <p>Your paragraph here</p>

  6. 6

    A Horizontal Line: <hr />

  7. 7

    Font color: <span style=”color: #ff6cc5;”>Your text here</span>

  8. 8

    Text With A Strikethrough: <del>Your text here</del>

  9. 9

    Link An Image & Open In A New Window: <a href=”http://yoururlhere.com/” target=”_blank”><img title=”title text” src=”http://yourimageurlhere.com/foldername/imagename.gif” alt=”alt text” width=”100″ height=”150″ /></a>

  10. 10

    Use A Different Font: <span style=”font-family: georgia, serif;”>Your text here</span>