10 Ways To Escape The Internet

10 Ways To Get Your Brain Off the Internet


In a world totally preoccupied with efficiency, it can be tough to slow down and appreciate the finer things. Contrary to popular belief, sometimes it’s important to put yourself first, and taking a step back to do something you normally wouldn’t, is a great way to do that. Today, we’re sharing ten of our favorite ways to unplug and live in the moment!

Let’s start this post off right. First? Unplug. Seriously. Turn off (yes, fully off) all of your electronics, so it’s just you and your surroundings–no interruptions.

1) Visit An Animal Shelter

You can’t not love puppies and kittens. While giving the little guys some love has some definite heartwarming qualities, you’re doing their spirits a service by interacting with them, too! Hooray for win-wins!

2) Go To A Farmer’s Market

All the pretty colors are sure to stimulate your senses and the fresh air will do good for your mind and body. Take some time to connect to your surroundings and form relationships with members of your community!

3) Cook A Meal (And Enjoy It!)

Even if you think your culinary specialty is Lucky Charms with a splash of 2% milk, challenge yourself by flipping through some old cookbooks and making a picture on a page a reality. Take your farmer’s market finds and put them to use. Be aware of how rewarding hard work tastes!

4) Explore Your Town’s Quirks

No matter how lackluster your city may seem, every place has its unique appeal. Take some time to seek it out! You might just find some off-the-wall event coming up–expand your after work activity horizons and take advantage of what your town has to offer!

5) Take A Stroll Through An Art Museum

While art is a wonderful way to get yourself to stay in the moment, it’s also a surefire way to spark some creativity of your own. Looking at beautiful things makes you feel good, and helps to remind us that there are beautiful ways to spend our time that don’t require scrolling.

6) Get All Dressed Up (For No Reason At All)

We’ve all heard the saying, “All dressed up with nowhere to go,” but who says there’s anything wrong with that? Put on your favorite outfit, do your hair a special way, and bask in the glory of you.

Side note: Maybe all dressed up isn’t your thing. Maybe you do that from nine to five, five days of the week. Whatever the case may be, changing into drawstring pants and a t-shirt may be just what you’re looking for to rejuvenate your hectic mind.

7) Prep For The Next Day

If you find yourself wandering around with some time to spare before bed, why not use it productively and give yourself some extra time (perhaps to snooze) in the morning? Lay out tomorrow’s outfit, and think about a yummy breakfast! You’ll feel much more relaxed knowing that you got something done, and it’s a great way to ensure your day starts out on the right note!

8) Leave A Sweet Note For A Person You Love

We don’t always tell people how much they mean to us, and now’s your time to start. Thank your significant other for doing the dishes last night, or your mom for raising you to become the perfect little lady (or gent) you are. All it takes is a sticky note on a refrigerator to show your appreciation.

Bonus: This isn’t limited to family! Try doing this at the office. Leave an encouraging note for the ones who make your day brighter!

9) Clean Up (You & Your House)

Taking a shower is practically guaranteed to make anyone feel more on top of their game, and ready to tackle the world one squeaky clean step at a time. After you get yourself a bit more put together, tidy up your house while you’re at it! It’s much easier to relax (and work, when the time comes) when you’re in a clear space physically and mentally.

10) Watch A Nature Documentary

Okay, okay… we know this is still technology. But if you can’t book an immediate flight to Australia to dive in the Great Barrier Reef, this makes a good substitute. Engaging with Earth’s spectacles has some serious grounding properties, and you walk away with new knowledge to pester your peers with!

BONUS! Call A Distant (Or Not-So-Distant) Relative

Home phones don’t count as electronics anymore, right? Everybody loves hearing from someone they haven’t spoken to in a long time. Your grandma is no exception. Whether it’s just to say hello or hear crazy stories from their childhood, doing something to brighten someone else’s day will end up brightening yours, too.