2017 Instagram Updates You Should Know About



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So far, 2017 has been a year filled with updates from our favorite app–Instagram! Many of these new updates help advertising, company growth, and income. Instagram has been rolling out great new features that even challenge competitor apps such as Snapchat.

With this being said, here’s a roundup of the latest updates that you should know about!

Video Ads

Facebook Ads are a huge and vital tool for marketers to reach audiences through social media. This year, Instagram jumped on the ad train and now features video ads in Stories, which allows businesses and marketers to run their ads within the platform and reach users globally.

So how does this work? Creating an ad is quite easy through Power Editor or Ads Manager via Facebook. You just follow the simple steps to set up an ad, and when you get to the placements tab, you click ‘edit’, then ‘Instagram Stories’.


This feature makes it easier for brands to reach large audiences through Stories. So what makes these advantageous over traditional Instagram adds? Since Story ads are featured on the top Stories bar within Instagram, users don’t have to scroll down in their feed to reach them. In turn, this creates a better chance to reach a wide variety of people who wouldn’t normally see these ads. We’re on board!

Multiple Image and Video Posts

Finally, Instagram came out with an aesthetically pleasing way to share multiple photos and videos at once without the use of a layout app. You can now have one post that holds up to ten photos all within the swipe of your fingertips. So, no more spamming your feed with all of those photos from your latest vacation!

This update can really benefit every kind of Instagram user. It’s good for posting step-by-step tutorials, displaying multiple products (as pictured below), or just for entertainment purposes.


Shoppable Posts

Remember when you’d see a shop that posted a cute outfit on Instagram, and you knew you just needed to find that pink dress with the ruffles? Well, no more scouring page after page to hunt it down, because Instagram is now shop-friendly!

Instagram recently introduced shoppable posts, which make it easy to find out the prices and details of items just by tapping the image! It’s user-friendly for shoppers and brands–all a company has to do to use the feature is tag their photo with the product information (they can tag up to 5 products). Then, when a customer taps on the photo, the names and prices of the product will appear, looking like a tag.

When a shopper selects a tagged item they’re interest in, they will be taken to a product gallery that gives further detail on each product. Should they go forward and want to actually purchase an item, they simply click the “shop now” button, which transfers them to the product page directly on the retailer’s mobile site to buy.

Overall, this features benefits shoppers and brands alike. However, keep in mind that shoppable posts are not yet available for everyone as the features is still in the trial phase, but be sure to stay tuned as more and more brands jump on the bandwagon!


Face Filters

Step aside Snapchat, Instagram has stolen the show with their new face filters!
Instagram Stories came out with 8 fun new filters that can be accessed by tapping the new face icon on the bottom right of your Stories view. The choices vary between animals, a fun ‘geek’ filter, and more. Instagram filters are much easier to access than Snapchat with its simple button approach; rather than holding your finger down forever until the app decides to cooperate simply tap the icon and turn yourself into a bunny! Plus, we love that these filters can be used with a boomerang, photos, and videos.


Eraser Brush

The eraser brush has also been released in Stories, which makes it easy to create fun designs! We recommended to first paint color all over the entire photo, then take the eraser brush and use it to reveal pieces of the photo behind.
This feature can be useful for companies to give sneak peeks of new products or just for fun–the possibilities are endless!

Swipe-Up Links

Bloggers and business owners, rejoice! Instagram’s new swipe-up link feature is going to be a game changer. In the past, accounts were only allowed one clickable link in their bio. So, users had to swap out this link for whatever their latest post was promoting. However, swipe-up links, which are now available in Stories, allow users to simply swipe up and be directed to the account’s latest blog post or new product page right within the account’s Story. In turn, we think this will make Instagram a big website traffic driver. We were beyond excited when we found out swipe-up links were available on the Bloguettes Instagram account!


Archive Posts

When ‘grammers don’t receive a lot of engagement around a certain post, they often delete it from their feed. Once this is done, the photo is gone forever….until now! Instagram recently launched their new ‘Archive’ feature, which allows users to hide a photo from everyone else, yet keep it saved in their archives in case they want to revive it and add it back to their feed later!
Essentially, this new feature creates a private space for personal viewing of old photos. To archive a post, simply tap the three-dots button on one of your posts and select ‘Archive.’ Then, on your profile, you’ll see a clock icon in the top right corner. When you tap on this icon, you’ll be taken to your feed of archived photos. From here, you can restore visibility of photos if you would like. It’s that simple!


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