2017 Photoshop CC Updates: Everything You Need to Know

2017 Photoshop CC Updates: What You Need to Know


2017 Photoshop CC Updates: Everything You Need to Know - Bloguettes

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From simple bug fixes like unexpected errors while exporting to adapting to the latest computer features, Photoshop is shifting and changing with their latest app update. If you’re not the most tech-savvy or super familiar with Creative Cloud, this update is for you! Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of the 2017 updates:

Using Templates and Stock Photos in the App

Sometimes, starting with a new project can be a daunting task. Now, Photoshop is helping you get a jump start! When creating a new project, there’s an option to use templates that include assets and illustrations you can build on for your own projects. It’s also possible to create a document by selecting from many presets provided in Photoshop, or to create your own custom sizes that can be saved for future use.


Creative Cloud Libraries

This new feature makes saving and sharing projects so much simpler! You can archive and restore library elements, find stock assets similar to your own library elements and even drag and drop from Photoshop to Creative Cloud to search. But, the best part of this update is that while you’re sharing libraries and library assets, you can choose to let users follow them! Whenever you update your library or library asset, your followers will automatically get updated across all the Creative Cloud supported apps too. How cool!

Comprehensive Searching within Photoshop

With the newest additions to this application, there’s a lot more content to sort through. Now, Photoshop has the perfect way to search for it! In this latest update, there is a comprehensive search option, which means you can search for UI elements, help and learning content or simply to find one of your projects in your documents.

To search:

  1. 1

    Select Edit>Search

  2. 2

    Use the Cmd/Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut

  3. 3

    Click on the search icon on the right-hand side of the Options bar, which is on the left of the Workspace Switcher icon.

Adobe Systems Support Blog

Users have the option to search in Photoshop right when the application is launched or when documents are opened!

Properties Panel Improvements

One of the major changes Photoshop made with the Properties panel is making it part of the Essentials workspace. This means additional properties are now displayed in the Properties panel for type layers, and you can even modify some text settings within the Properties panel, too! The Properties panel also now displays bitmap/pixel layer properties in addition to displaying document properties when no layers or other elements are selected.

OpenType SVG Fonts… Which Means Emoji in Photoshop

With this new feature, you can use colorful and graphical characters in your pictures. Smileys, flags, food, animals, people and more can all be included in your documents!

Want to use OpenType SVG Fonts? Follow these steps:

  1. 1

    Create a paragraph or point-text type layer

  2. 2

    Set the font to an OpenType SVG font

  3. 3

    Type using the Glyphs Panel (to view the Glyphs Panel select Window>Glyphs)

The EmojiOne font allows you to create certain composite glyphs from one or more other glyphs. Basically, this means you can create the flag of countries or change the skin color of certain default glyphs depicting people, just like on your iPhone. You can have a fair-skinned blonde or a deep-toned brunette person all in your Photoshop docs!


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2017 Photoshop CC Updates: Everything You Need to Know - Bloguettes