3 Desk Setups For The Girlboss In You

3 Desk Setups For The Girlboss In You - Bloguettes


3 Desk Setups For the Girlboss In You - Bloguettes: Are you the Go-Getter, the Darling, or the Wild Child? We teamed up with Alice & Wonder for 3 amazing desk setups for the girlboss in you!

Desks. It’s just a slab of wood on four little legs that you sit in front of, but when you really think about it, that giant hunk of wood is one of the most important things in the office.

For 40+ hours a week, your desk puts up with you sitting, eating, laughing hysterically, intensely brainstorming, and pounding away at the keyboard to meet a deadline every single day. And no matter how many times we slam our fists into it, drop Hot Cheetos on top of it, or bleed Sharpie onto it, it stands strong—just like you. Essentially, your desk is an extension of you, and ‘you’ has many different facets. If you’re going to be spending so much time with it, you might as well have it represent you in the best light, right?

With the help of our friends at Alice & Wonder, we’ve put together three different looks for three different girlbosses. Whether you’re the Go-Getter, the Darling, or the Wild Child, there’s the perfect desk setup for you!

The Go-Getter

  • Clean, simple, & ready to take on the world
  • The cutest cactus vase around!
  • #yougotthis

We asked our Co-Founder, Sakura, to put together a few items that represent her #girlboss mentality. As the Brand Director for the company, she juggles a lot and when she gets an idea, she runs with it, making her the perfect example of the Go-Getter!

Cactus Cutie Vase: I love a simple white vase, but I’m obsessed with the cactus shaped vase because it adds a little personality to it! My favorite vases are the kind that actually have a smaller neck so I can have a cute & simple arrangement that completes my office decor!

Gardenia Soy Candle: There’s just something about having a candle lit that changes the aura of my office space. I’m not a fan of candles that are too sweet, so this Gardenia Soy candle has that perfect floral scent to it!

Polka Dot Journal: I started writing in a journal every morning after I read the book, The Miracle Morning, and needed a new journal. I start every morning by writing what I’m grateful for and what I look forward to that day to remind me during the remainder of the day what keeps me going and what I should be thankful for.

‘You Can Do This’ Box Sign: Everyone needs a little encouragement when they’re feeling down. I’ve always loved having either an inspirational calendar or a sign to bring me up in the middle of the day! Love this sign for doing that for me and I also love the simplicity of it!

The Darling

  • The Darling setup
  • Fueled off of good vibes
  • Pretty in pink flat lay

Nina, our Marketing Director, was the obvious choice for the Darling girlboss. Her love of blush pink hues, sweet smelling candles, and ribbon hair bows are just a few of the things she needs around the office!

Pink Striped Picnic Lantern: I love the pink lantern because of its many uses. You can use it as a pen holder, a vase, you can even put a candle in it! Versatility in the workplace is a plus and this vase has it all!

Good Vibes Only Mug: This mug says it all! I am a coffee and tea gal so teacups and mugs are my calling! This mug could honestly sit on my desk as a decorative piece or be used for its actual purpose. This also makes a great gift for employee going away parties, promotions, new hires, and more!

Pineapple Letterpress Print: I love art and I think a cute little print can totally spruce up a boring desk space. Use the rule of thirds and maybe pair it with a candle, and some fresh florals and you have a cute desk decor setup!

Coconut Milk Mango Soy Candle: Obsessed with this product is an understatement. It smells amazing and it’s in my favorite color which is blush! I like the fact that it is soy too because I have a habit of burning candles all day long and if it’s not soy, it’s not that healthy! This is definitely worth the buy!

The Wild Child

  • The Wild Child desk
  • A touch of whimsy
  • Organization on point!

Our Editor-in-Chief, Shanna, is known for having a unique style. She’ll come in a vintage black and creme dress one day and will show up in a Beatles shirt and Timberlands the next. This is why we picked her to represent the Wild Child of girlbosses!

Celfie Vase: This vase is so fun! It’s really unique and I love the little eyelashes & lips on it. I feel like it makes the flowers in your vase come alive and gives it more character. If real flowers aren’t your thing either, you can add some Styrofoam in the bottom and buy fake flowers to have all year round! And just one more tip, this vase could easily double as a makeup brush holder. After all, it already has fluttery lashes and red lipstick!

Stay Fancy Pillow: I’ve been on a pom pom kick lately and I adore these colorful mini pom poms! This petite pillow is the perfect pop of sunshine to toss onto your bed or prop onto your couch. The big graphic hand-lettering isn’t overwhelming either because the pillow is mini-sized!

All In A Week’s Work Calendar: I’m a fan of painting which is why I like this calendar so much! The peach, deep blue, and coral red brushstrokes make a fun border and definitely adds color to your desk. The pages are tearable so after one week is finished, it’s onto the next!

Dots To-Do List Jotter: This to-do list jotter has enough edge to satisfy the simple, black-and-white minimalist or the pattern-obsessed fashionista. I love writing my to-dos for the day because when I physically check things off my list, I feel way more accomplished throughout my day!

Win a Cactus Vase!

Thanks again to the whole team at Alice & Wonder! Because their staff is so generous, we are doing a giveaway where THREE winners will receive a Cactus Cutie Vase of their own! The contest ends at midnight tonight (8/5/16). Click here to see the rules! Good luck!