3 Floral Arrangement Tips For Beginners



4 Floral Arrangement Tips For Beginners - Bloguettes: Floral arrangements can take any event from drab to fab! Here are some tips to get that professional look as you design your arrangements.

Meet Sarah, an events intern here at Bloguettes! This floral-arranging cutie has some great insight when it comes to all things flowers, such as different designs, techniques and styles! So, as you plan for your next event, let Sarah give you some tips for decorating your space with one-of-a-kind floral arrangements!

Nowadays, it seems that there are beautiful floral arrangements all over social media, just begging to be at your next event. Floral design is booming right now, inspiring everyone to become a florist.

Do you go all heart eyes for those too good to be true arrangements? Maybe you feel that you couldn’t possibly pull them off. Wrong. As you’re planning your next event, consider these easy tips to get that professional florist look that all your friends will go crazy for!

Organic And Messy Or Perfected To A T?

When it comes to florals, the first things you need to consider are the style of the event and what type of arrangement would fit the overall look. Do you love the perfectly rounded, tightly arranged look? Or do you like loose and random? These are all important factors to think about before you head to the store.

If you’re going with a structured arrangement, you may consider similarly colored flowers and need more of them. If you want pink to be your focus, look for different shades of pink and other colors that wouldn’t be too harsh against pink. On the other hand, if you want a messier look, then you’ll probably need more greenery. Also, when it comes to the organic look, you’ll want to search for more natural colors. Have fun with mixing and matching different colors that complement each other well!

Greenery, Greenery. Oh, And Did I Mention Greenery?

Whatever style you’re going for, adding greenery is a great way to get a full look without spending too much money. When you first start floral arranging, you may want only flowers and not any kind of greenery. However, as you play around more, you will find that it can be a wonderful addition because greenery fills in all the empty gaps! It can be cut short to frame your perfectly structured flowers, left long to hang over your vase or stand up high to give your design some volume.

Double-Sided Tape Is Your New Bestie

For any style arrangement, you’ll want to snag a roll of double-sided tape from the store before rushing home to create your masterpiece. Of course, if you have floral tape, that will work great too! However, double-sided tape is a great alternative, especially if you’re a newbie to the flower world. Double-sided tape can be used to create a grip on whatever vase you are using, especially if it’s a wide mouth vase. Place a couple strips horizontally and a couple vertically, and then place them around the vase to keep everything in place. This will help you to create organization in your arrangement, so your flowers won’t go everywhere!