4 Reasons To Consider Rebranding Your Business

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Rebranding sounds scary. Leaving something you know always comes with uncertainties, but it can be worth the risk when it comes to keeping your business relevant!

So what exactly is a ‘rebrand?’ Contrary to popular belief, it’s not about just changing your logo. It encompasses quite a few things, including refining your mission and values, company goals, website, and more. Rebranding is an amazing way to transform your business or product, but it’s important to make this move for the right reasons! This will allow you to clearly define a strategy, process, and end goal.

Here are a few reasons to consider rebranding your business:

Stay Relevant

We don’t have to tell you this twice: There are so many brands out there! And while you may be the only one that does exactly what you do, a consumer who hasn’t heard of you won’t know you from your competition if your brand’s aesthetic doesn’t ‘pop’.

Updating your brand by reinventing your logo or brand mark, adding a striking new color palette, or even fine-tuning some often-used imagery will make a tremendous impact, helping you to stay relevant while new companies crop up. Here are a few examples of rebrands from over the years:

Creative Market
Creative Market
Creative Market

Grow Partnerships

The goals, values, and mission of your brand are incredibly important when it comes to fostering working relationships. Your business will inevitably evolve over time, and your prospective partners will want to know what you stand for now, not what you thought your mission was when you first began.

By refining the verbiage you use when communicating your company’s mission and goals, you’ll educate your business relationships on what’s most important to you, while demonstrating your ability to pivot and stay relevant.


"Your business will inevitably evolve over time, and your prospective partners will want to know what you stand for now, not what you thought your mission was when you first began."

Find New Customers

We all know one or two companies that, when we scroll through their Instagram or visit their Facebook feed, we’re instantly peeved by because of the lack of relevance. Many people won’t visit your website, ask about your services, or buy your product if they feel that your brand is stuck in the past or isn’t relevant to them.

In order to connect with your current customers and reach new ones, you’ll need to identify areas for improvement in your branding. For example, if you’re launching a new product line, it’s important to determine exactly who your customer is. What are their likes and dislikes? What do they value? What are some of the challenges they face and how will your product solve this? Identify these areas and adjust your brand identity accordingly.

The Digital Age is Here

In the digital age of marketing, staying agile and updated is key to success. You will get left in the dust by your competitors if you aren’t able to keep your brand fresh and relevant online. Update your blog content for relevancy. Review images on your website and replace with new, modern photos. Clean up the verbiage in your ‘About’ or ‘Mission’ sections. Not only will this look and feel better, but search engines will begin to rank you better among your competitors.

Running a business can be difficult. But it is even more difficult to is to crawl out of a brand that is ill-equipped for 2018 and beyond. Do yourself, your customers, and your future partners a favor and stay up to date on brand trends, where your customers are shopping and looking for services, and what missions and values are relevant to your audience!

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