4 Resources To Help You Become A Life Long Learner

How To Be A Life Long Learner - Bloguettes


How To Be A Life Long Learner - Bloguettes: The smartest, most successful people in the world never stop learning. Take cue from the leaders of the biz by checking out these learning resources!

As human beings we are constantly learning, whether we realize it or not. We learn from new experiences, past failures and everything in between. However, since graduating college, we rarely take the time to learn anything specific. If you are looking to step up your knowledge game in any way, whether it be through learning code for your site, a new language for upcoming travels or a new talent all together, here are some sites making it easier than ever to metaphorically go back to school.


Interested in learning from New York Times best selling authors, Pulitzer Prize winners, or top entrepreneurs? CreativeLIVE has you covered. This illuminating site allows you to interact and learn from the world’s greatest experts, in real time, for free! Featuring workshops in business, design, music, audio, photography, software design, etc., the learning possibilities are endless.


You already make a pain-staking effort to keep your bod in tiptop shape by hitting the gym frequently. Now it is time start working out your other money-maker, your brain! Lumosity offers both free and premium games that are designed to keep your mind sharp. Their scientists and game designers have done all of the hard work for you, by creating games that serve to stimulate your five core cognitive abilities. All you have to do is play these games on your mobile phone or on your computer daily to nourish that big, brilliant brain of yours!


If Youtube and every single (insert blank) for Dummies book had a baby, it would be MonkeySee. This site allows you to watch thousands of short educational videos from accomplished experts on a myriad of topics. There are over 11,000 videos currently available for free consumption that provide advice, guidance, and detailed demonstrations on everything from business gift giving etiquette to how to repay your student loans efficiently.


If you took seven years of Spanish in school and have pequeño to ninguna to show for it, say si! No worries, DuoLingo is a free and easy way to brush up on any of those forgotten language skills as well as learn any new languages you are interested in.


In the world of blogging, we are surrounded by code whether we understand it or not. Rather than always having to outsource a simple coding project, let Codecademy teach you how to do it yourself. Through their unique approach to learn by doing, Codecademy teaches you how to code by building your own unique projects using their program.