4 Ways To Stop Obsessive Thinking



It's natural to question yourself, but it's not healthy to obsess over the unknown so much that you start spiraling. Stop obsessive thinking with these tips!

Did I come off too short in that email? Do they think I’m smart enough? Am I on track to meet my goals this year?

While it is natural as a business owner to ask yourself all of these questions and more at times, it is not healthy to obsess over the unknowns so much that these simple questions turn into anxiety triggers. If you are looking for a way to combat your tendency towards obsessive thinking, here are some tips.

Admit It

Some of us are naturally more anxious than others. If you are inclined to anxiety and often find your anxiety channels itself into obsessive thinking, admit it–and know that it’s okay. All of us handle stress and uncertainty differently. What matters is how you allow that inevitable stress to affect your mind and body. Admitting you are an obsessive thinker allows you to watch out for your triggers and work on changing their outcome.

Define It

What exactly do you think obsessively about? If you don’t have an immediate answer, the next time you find yourself stuck in an obsessive thought, write it down. Write down the thought itself as well as what triggered it in your mind. Once you can pinpoint what things you often think obsessively about and where they are stemmed from, you can work to prepare yourself when those situations arise again. 

Pivot It

Now that you have determined your trigger, it is time to change your natural reaction to it. For example, if you often find yourself having obsessive thoughts after you receive criticism from a superior, change how your inner dialog receives that criticism. After you hear what areas you can approve upon, do not dwell on your shortcomings, instead focus your mind on how to positively react. Criticism can be a positive thing if you allow the comments to help you grow, rather than hold you back.

Accept It

We have all got our things. Not everyone cannot be easy, breezy and carefree like Jessa, some of us are intense like Shoshanna or compulsive like Hannah. Being a superior #girlboss does not mean you are perfect, it means that you accept all of your imperfections and use them to grow personally and professionally.

Breaking a habit is a hard thing to do. But in the end, breaking a bad habit (especially when it comes to obsessive thinking) will lead to a better, happier life. To make things a little easier, we created a graphic that you can print out and stick next to your computer so you can motivate yourself every day.

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