5 Alternatives When You Don’t Have Photoshop

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5 Alternatives When You Don't Have Photoshop - Bloguettes


Adobe Photoshop is regularly talked about as being the right-hand of some of the bloggers we admire the most. Although we agree that it’s an amazing design platform and perhaps one of the best tools in the blogging community, we also know that it can be a bit tricky to learn all of its applications. So for some of you who don’t necessarily need all of its many bells and whistles or are just looking for something more simplistic, here are some wonderful Photoshop alternatives for you to check out.


This is the simplest most user friendly alternative. Ideal for a user that is not in need of the vast complexities and endless menu options that Photoshop offers. Containing all of the basic and standard capabilities of Photoshop, paint.NET is easily navigated and will not overwhelm you. If you are looking to extend the functionality a bit farther, the paint.NET community has you covered, offering several additional plugins to achieve specific design modifications.


The GNU Image Manipulation Program is the closest alternative to Photoshop and offers the complete set of tools that Photoshop does. Tools like photo enhancement, cloning, color correction, etc. As well as an interface that is unmistakably similar that of Photoshop. The major difference being that GIMP is free! Anyone with a Windows or a Mac can download the freely distributed, open-source image composition and photo editing application.


Another editing tool that feels similar to Photoshop, making it an easy transition for a previous Photoshop user. Pixlr offers many advanced features like burn, picker, dodge, curves, and a sizable menu of effects to entice even the most advanced Photoshop users. Pixlr is also available as an app, Pixlr Express, for your phone and tablet editing needs.


Perfect for a beginner to the editing and blog world. Its friendly and simplistic interface is coupled with all of the basic photo and graphic tools making it ideal for crafting blog posts with personalized graphics. PicMonkey offers an array of textures, icons, and overlays that will help you to create gorgeous graphics in no time at all.

Photoshop Express

Everyone knows about Photoshop for a reason–it’s great. However, if you are overwhelmed by its scale and really don’t need (or know how to use) all of its many tools, Photoshop Express might be a better fit for you. This straightforward option enables you to use all of the base level editing tools from cropping to saturation as well as some more advanced tools like blur and burn, to create your desired effect. Photoshop Express is free and can be downloaded on your browser as well as your tablet and phone.

Do you know of any other Photoshop alternatives? Let us know in the comments below–you never know who you could be helping!