The Blogger’s Guide to Overcoming Being Camera Shy

The Blogger's Guide to Getting Over Being Camera Shy


The Blogger's Guide to Getting Over Being Camera Shy - Bloguettes

Meet Jena, an editorial intern and our youngest here at Bloguettes! She’s an ASU student, competitive equestrian, and aspiring author. When she’s not busy interning, she loves to pick up a book, hang with sorority sisters and family, or work on her recently launched personal blog. Speaking of, she’s come up with 5 tips she’s learned in overcoming being camera shy on her blog! Here are her tips:

Alright fellow bloggers, brace yourselves, because I have a confession to make. Even as a personal blogger, media journalism student, and Bloguettes intern, I am insanely camera shy. Unexpected for someone who intends to plaster themselves across the internet and content creating world I know, but regardless, it’s true. When I hear the word “photoshoot,” I immediately get the urge to run for the hills. Taking pictures and videos has never been a strong suit of mine, BUT I have learned ways to make the act more tolerable, and even fun. Without further adieu, here are five tips to help overcome your camera shyness!

Dress for Comfort

Many bloggers have the idea that your outfit must be runway ready in order to even show a glimpse of it online. This is not only untrue, but even frowned upon. Your blog is all about the real you, and the real you shouldn’t have to overthink how to dress online. Be real, and be raw. When it comes to camera time, select clothes that you feel confident and comfortable in! If you feel great on camera, you will look great on camera. Dress to impress: yourself!


The Blogger's Guide to Overcoming Being Camera Shy

Don’t Strike a Pose

Yes, you read that correctly. DO NOT strike a pose. For those of us who are camera cautious, posing just feels forced and awkward. When we feel tense and frozen, we look tense and frozen. (Are you seeing a trend yet?) Instead of standing still, we should focus on making natural movements like walking, holding an object, admiring scenery, or, my go to: laughing it off!

The Blogger's Guide to Overcoming Being Camera Shy

Practice in Private

But first, let me take a selfie. *que dance music* No really, play that not so great throwback song and get motivated to take some great selfies! There’s no pressure here, as it’s just you and the camera. You can take the same shot 500 times to get it right, and even then, you don’t have to post it. This is practice, remember? Simply take the this time to learn your best angles, how your expressions appear on camera, and how to relax when that flash goes off.

The Blogger's Guide to Overcoming Being Camera Shy

Utilize Props

This trick is my holy grail. Props are a useful asset to any great shot. Photography is just storytelling, and a prop is just another character on stage with you. They truly do make you feel occupied and more comfortable on camera. Although you are still a main focus of the image, it feels like all eyes are now on those sunglasses in your hand. It’s like mentality magic.

Find the Perfect Photographer

This one is a bigger deal than it seems. Do you like your picture-taker to be silent or instructive? Silly or serious? Props or plain? These are things that can affect the quality of your content, because the atmosphere your photographer creates will actually show in your shots. The comfortability you have with the person behind the camera is key to a good session, so don’t be afraid to ask someone what their working style is like before booking them. Once you do find your ideal photographer, your camera comfort and blog work will only improve from there. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work.

The Blogger's Guide to Overcoming Being Camera Shy


As content creators, it is important to remember to always put your fears behind you and your dreams in front of you. I hope these five tips help you in reaching your blog goals and getting that perfect shot every time!

Now that you’ve heard from me, I would love to hear from you! Comment below what you personally do to beat being camera shy or how these tips may have helped you. Also, be sure to follow us on Bloglovin’ for more tips like these!