5 Characteristics Of Great Event Planners



Event planners need to be ready to handle anything. See five characteristics great event planners should have according to our Event Coordinator, Brimley!

When I first started working at Bloguettes, I was the Creative Assistant. I loved to plan little dinner parties or small events but I never did it professionally. As the company changed, I was asked to jump on board as the Events Coordinator for little bit until things got settled. A few weeks in, I realized I really enjoyed it and decided to take the position of Events Coordinator at Bloguettes. I still get to be creative with planning our events which I enjoy most. As I’ve been doing this for a few months now, I’ve realized there are five characteristics every event planner needs to be successful.

Organization is Key

When putting together an event, organization should be your number one goal. There is a lot that goes into putting the perfect event together, the last thing you need is to have your plans all over the place. You definitely do not want something to fall through on your end. Something I like to do to keep me as organized as possible is separate my events. So my emails, Pinterest, and notes are all categorized by each event. This helps me keep my thoughts and ideas organized.

A Good Eye for Design

Everyone is looking for the latest and greatest. If they attend a visually pleasing event, the chances of them talking about it and sharing it is highly likely. I like to spend some time on Pinterest and my favorite Instagram accounts throughout my week to get inspiration and gather as many ideas as I can. What you need to be careful with is making your event too trendy. If you do something that has already been done over and over again, your attendees may not be as impressed.

A “Zen” Attitude

On the day of your event, something is bound to go wrong. Whether your food is delivered way later than expected or your florist completely forgot about an important arrangement, having a freak-out isn’t going to help you or your team. You need to focus more on what you’re going to do next to solve the problem instead of getting upset with your vendor. I’ve found if I go into an event knowing something wrong is going to happen, I either don’t really get upset because I was expecting it or I’m pleasantly surprised at the end of the day that everything went smoothly 🙂 A tip to remember: Always stay professional. Have a discussion with your vendor or team about the incident after the event has passed in a more private environment.

Be A People Person

This is something I try to incorporate every day. When talking to vendors, clients, and your team, having an approachable personality will both help you and the people you work with. They are more likely to discuss their ideas or concerns about the event, and in the end, you can develop friendships that will benefit you in the future. A good event planner shouldn’t look at vendors and clients as a one-time transaction. The key is to develop relationships so collaborations and sponsorships can come naturally in the future.

Have Confidence

This was one of the hardest things for me to learn when I started events. I was always so concerned if people liked the food, if my idea for the photo booth was bad, or if they even thought the space was cute. I wanted everything to be done well so I was always asking everyone what their opinion was! I quickly learned this was a bad idea and I just needed to be confident in myself. I have made it this far, I must be doing something right!