Our 5 Favorite Resume Templates

Our 5 Favorite Resume Templates | Bloguettes


Our 5 Favorite Resume Templates

It’s no surprise that a killer resume can be a make-it or break-it point when applying to jobs. Lately, there has been an increasing need to not only be able to articulate your past jobs and skills, but to be able to show it off in a design-savvy way that makes it stand out from the rest. This is especially true when applying to jobs in the creative industry!

So, how do you go about adding a personalized (and professional!) flair to your resume? That’s where we come in.

If you’re not quite design-savvy enough to be able to design a resume template of your own, we’ve put together five of our favorite resume templates that can be used for any profession in any industry.

Stella Resume – $15

Our 5 Favorite Résumé Templates

Helloooo classy business professional. We love that this one gives you a slot to add your picture, because when you’re a blogger or creative, we wanna see your face!

Modern Resume – $15

Our 5 Favorite Résumé Templates

We love minimal here at Bloguettes. Crisp, clean & this download even comes with a branded cover letter template as well. Kill two birds with one stone!

The “Petal” Resume – $15Our 5 Favorite Résumé Templates

With a perfect touch 0f floral, it’s modern and will stand out from the rest. Plus, its totally customizable & includes a pack of branded icons to switch out depending on your needs!

Bloguettes Script – $15

Bloguettes Script Resume

A super feminine resume that shows character with lots of white space and room for personalization. Don’t forget to add your latest headshot and to change up the colors or fonts!

Bloguettes Block – $15

Bloguettes Block Resume

More for the girl that appreciates a minimalistic design, this san-serif based resume is sure to turn heads while keeping all of your important information clean and readable.

To learn how to make the most of our resume templates, watch the video below for a full tutorial!