5 Gifts For the Blogger In Your Life

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We know December just got started, but in no time at all, Christmas will be here! That means silver tinsel, puffed snow (unless you’re in good ol’ AZ), family time, and of course, presents. If you’re a little iffy & don’t know what to get that budding blogger in your life, we’ve got your back! Check out 5 gifts that are sure to make that blogger say thanks & blog about it later!


For some reason, planners have become a craze in the blogging world. There are entire YouTube channels solely dedicated to the organization and planning of schedules and to-do’s. It seems a bit extreme, but to be honest? We’re 100% behind the craze because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as having your life together in a kick-butt planner. Whether you like vibrant designs, plain and simple, giant textbook sized planners or planners the size of your hand, there is definitely a planner out there to suit your needs!


We mentioned having a portable charger is a must-have when it comes to women (& men) on the go. People use their phones for everything and when you’re a blogger, you need to stay on top of your social media posts, comments from followers, and emails from potential and current partnerships. You also never know when an Instagrammable photo op may pop up in your daily routine. To make sure you capture every moment and stay up to date with all your correspondents, you need to have a full phone battery. With such a huge variety of portable chargers available, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t always have one on hand.


As a blogger, you spend quite a bit of time sitting in front of a computer. Editing photos, writing and rewriting blog posts, and fine-tuning your website can get awfully irritating if you have to sit for hours on end in an uncomfortable chair. For Christmas this year, get that deserving blogger a super comfy computer chair so their days spent in front of the desktop are a little easier on them (and their booty).


Lucky for you all, we just read the perfect book for the newbie (or veteran!) blogger. According to our executive assistant, Blog Inc. is an entire “how to blog” conference in 184 pages. Learn the difference between blogging platforms, how to collaborate with other bloggers, how to find your niche, how to price yourself and your ads, and so much more! If you think you know all the tricks in the book, think again. This book isn’t just for new bloggers either; it’s a good way to see what you’re doing right and how to take your blog to the next level! While you’re at it, try reading The Badass Blog Planner–a guide to help you constantly brainstorm fresh ideas and topics for your blog!

Blogging Conference Ticket

For the blogger that has it all, buy them the gift that keeps on giving—knowledge! Going to blogging conferences is a great way to hear overnight blogging success stories, get advice from fellow bloggers, and network to form new collaborations. Because bloggers usually work from home, attending a blogging conference is a perfect way to get out of the house and find a brand new perspective. Check out some of the most popular blogging conferences in your neck of the woods!

We hope that these gifts were enough to spark a few more ideas for that blogger in your life! If you have any other suggestions, drop us a comment and share the wealth!