5 Mistakes To Leave Behind in 2016



We know the new year brings about a flurry of “new year, new me” posts that may make you roll your eyes and say “WHATEVERRRRR!” but honestly? Looking back is the only true way to move forward.

While we can’t change the past and know it has made us into the person we are today, there are some tendencies we can do without altogether. So before you bring out the sparklers and party hats, take a moment and read about 5 mistakes to leave behind as you enter 2016.

Not Being in the Present

Social media is huge. And we can guarantee that almost everyone in the millennial generation will be posting some sort of New Years photo in the next day or so. The thing to remember is that constantly thinking about what you’re going to post, what your caption will be, and keeping tabs on how many people like your picture is all too time-consuming. Not to mention, it takes away from the ‘now’ you’re physically in. In 2016, make a point to experience the present. Instead of whipping out your phone and snapping 102 photos of the sun until it sets, why not actually look at the sunset through your own eyes instead of through a screen? You’re only in the ‘now’ for this second. Don’t waste it.

Not Using Your Time Wisely

The older you get, the more you realize that time is the most important thing. When you have time, you have the ability to improve. You have time to research, create, and ignite all the skills you want to acquire and dreams you want to accomplish. We’re huge fans of lounging around in jammies binge-watching Netflix, but when you do that all the time, you miss out on the world in front of you. There are places to go, foods to try, and people to meet! Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to explore while you have it readily in front of you.

Not Utilizing Your Resources

We’re not gonna lie. People in general can be the source of a couple of headaches now and again, but every now and then, you’ll meet a good one. In cases like that, use them (in the best way possible, of course)! Use people in a way that helps both of you grow. Everyone you meet has a different story and different knowledge and experience. Talk to them and see what you can learn from the people around you. Starting a business? Maybe someone you know is cousins with the owner of a print shop that can print your business cards at a discounted price. Wanna start a blog but need a photographer? Maybe your coworker’s brother is a photographer that needs help writing the content on his site and you can both help each other out. You never know how someone can assist you (or how you can help someone else) if you never ask around or utilize the resources around you!

Devaluing Yourself

You are important. You are beautiful. You are smart. You have a purpose—and you are exactly where you need to be. Everyone has their moments of weakness. But those moments need to be that—moments. Stop devaluing yourself, your appearance, and your talents. There is only ONE of you. In the product world, if there’s only one of something, it’s coveted, limited edition, and rare! Remember that.

Waiting to be “Ready”

“If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life.” It’s been said a million times over, but you have to admit, it’s true. Whatever your venture may be (opening an Etsy shop, changing careers, starting a business…etc), waiting until you’re ready sounds like a good idea until you start pushing your idea further into the distance. Instead of waiting until you magically feel like you’re thoroughly prepared, set milestones and deadlines throughout the year. Promise yourself you’ll write three blog posts by Friday or that you’ll get a booth at this spring’s local art fair. Giving yourself concrete deadlines will help you gauge your time and ensure that you are constantly moving towards your end goal.

We’re hoping that as the clock strikes midnight the awe and fascination of the new year doesn’t fade out. Use that ‘clean slate’ mentality and use it to your advantage. Strive to make yourself better, bolder, and kinder in the new year. And from all of us at Bloguettes…Happy New Year!