5 Mistakes You’re Making On Twitter



Social media is a huge component of growing your business & blog. It’s important to have a plan of what you want your brand to encompass across your platforms. Twitter is a great place to expand your audience, but it can take a lot of hard work! We spend a lot of time scheduling our social media and it can get a little frustrating when you don’t see results. So what are you missing? More than you might think.

Here are a lot of common mistakes that we tend to overlook!

Posting Too Much
Twitter is great because there is a character limit, it ensures all your thoughts are short & sweet. That being said, most of us don’t enjoy floods of tweets from one user. We always encourage being active and engaging with your audience, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. A common mistake we see on Twitter is users posting way too much. Crowding your follower’s feeds with tweets is a usual cause for an unfollow. Spacing out your tweets (no more than 2 an hour) has proved to bring the best results.

Not Posting Enough
It’s easy to disappear on Twitter when your posts are inconsistent. As we said earlier posting too much can kill your Twitter game, but not posting enough has the same effect. Being active on Twitter is hard work, that’s why we suggest a scheduling app such as Hootsuite. These apps are absolute life savers! Spending a couple hours each week scheduling your tweets will really pay off. You can always add in more tweets around current events, but having a framework makes a big difference.

Try using an app like Hootsuite to schedule your posts in advance.

You’re Not Engaging Your Audience
Are your tweets a one-sided conversation? Many of us fail to remember that our cyber followers are actual people, they want to be recognized and interacted with! Just imagine if one of your favorite bloggers responded to you on Twitter? This would totally prompt a fangirl moment! Respond to a few people a day and start a conversation–you never know who you’ll meet. It is also important to spread the love! Go through your followers and other people’s profiles and start “liking” their tweets. This is a great way to get your name out there without overloading people’s feeds with your content!

Your Tweets Are Off Topic 
If your Twitter is designated to your blog than keep your tweets on topic! If your blog is centered around cooking, your audience probably doesn’t want to hear about your new skiing equipment. Keep your tweets related to your niche and you’ll most likely end up with a great following! A personal tweet is acceptable once in a while, but remember to separate your brand from your home life (unless of course that’s what your brand is).

You Don’t Post Enough Meat (aka Content)
Linking back to your blog is great and all, but sometimes it comes off to followers as a little spammy. We’re all for promoting your recent posts, but it’s also important to mix up your content. Another common issue is your tweets are filled with too many mentions & replies. It is essential to find a healthy balance between original content, links, and replies. If all you do is link back to your Instagram posts, what reason do people have to follow you on Twitter if they already follow you on Instagram? No matter what, always give people a reason to follow you!