5 Motivational Podcasts That Will Start Your Day Off Right

5 Motivational Podcasts That Will Start Your Day Off Right


Meet Kaitlyn, one of our Business Administration interns here at Bloguettes! When she’s not out and enjoying all the sun that Arizona has to offer, she’s listening to all types of podcasts! Here are her suggestions for all of you looking for motivational podcasts for the commute to work.

Kaitlyn’s Favorite Motivational Podcasts

If you’re new to podcasts, time to get on board! You can podcast while you clean, drive your morning commute, sit in your favorite face mask or while you girlboss away building your business. Whatever you chose to do, you can do it while listen to a podcast.

There is a podcast for EVERYTHING. But today, we’re talking about 5 podcasts that will kick your mornings into gear and inspire you to be the best you can be (and get a laugh in, too)!

5 Motivational Podcasts That Will Start Your Day Off Right

1. How I Built This by NPR

Each 45-minute podcast in How I Built This tells the incredible story of companies and entrepreneur moguls that have changed culture and had wild success. Founders of these American success stories sit down for an interview style story with Guy Raz. Some of the guests include Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank, the founders of Lyft, Crate & Barrel, DryBar and Warby Parker. The story of these hustlers and what they’ve learned from building these incredible brands is nothing short of inspiring and gives creative insight!

2. The Tim Ferris Show

The Tim Ferris Show is often ranked #1 in business podcasts on iTunes, and for a good reason. Tim Ferris is a Princeton grad, New York bestselling author, and angel advisor to companies like Facebook, Twitter and Uber. In each episode, he picks the brains of wildly successful people in various different fields to recognize patterns, tools, and tactics that have contributed to their achievements. He sits down with incredible guests like Tony Robbins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Blaine and more. Not only do they share their journey, but they dissect the methods of what made them different than the rest. All in all, Tim Ferris is an amazing interviewer and you will live out the podcast with tactics you can apply to your daily life!

3. The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her Podcast

Okay, The Skinny Confidential Podcast is a not so guilty guilty-pleasure that’s addicting. The hosts include Lauryn Evarts, the creator of the lifestyle blog The Skinny Confidential, along with her husband Michael Bosstick, a serial entrepreneur. This duo talks everything from branding, wellness, marketing and their personal experience growing their brands. Their witty banter will keep you laughing and feeling as though you’re right in the room with them. This podcast has an incredible variety of guests and topics each week, keeping their listeners guessing as to what the next podcast will be like. This is the perfect podcast to listen to on your commute for a little brain food and a laugh!

4. The GaryVee Audio Experience

You may recognize Gary Vaynerchuk from his viral motivational Facebook videos. He is a serial entrepreneur and four-time New York bestselling author, so it’s safe to say that he know his stuff. His podcasts include interviews with notable business professionals, keynote speeches, and #AskGaryVee segments on marketing, branding and motivational topics. His fiery passion for everything business related and his intense energy will keep you whistling while you hustle!

5. Almost 30

Now this is a podcast for the 20-something girlboss who is in pursuit of her millennial mission and get a laugh or two along the way. The two women behind Almost 30 are Lindsey Simcik and Krista Williams, and boy do they know how to make you laugh out loud in public and feel inspired in your potential to do whatever you want. They talk about finding inspiration, goal-setting, and just the everyday struggles of women trying to be the best of themselves. There’s a creative lineup of guests on the show mixed with some chatty episodes between the two hosts and their thoughts. Start some laundry and cook up some breakfast while listening to this fun podcast!

What are your favorite podcasts to listen to? Let us know below! For more podcast inspo, be sure to check out our Podcasts Every Woman Entrepreneur Needs To Listen To!