5 Online Resources To Learn Career Skills

5 Online Resources To Learn Career Skills


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One of the best things about the internet (besides dog memes) is having access to millions and millions of ways to learn something new. One of our guilty pleasures is watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, and a few of our moms are notorious for scanning Pinterest for baking ideas.

More recently (since graduating college and entering the real world… #thestruggle), we’ve started pooling ideas around the office to learn career skills that we didn’t get the chance to pick up in college. And where have we been learning those skills? The internet.

Here are five resources that offer quick & easy online courses, webinars, tutorial-based blog posts and videos and more to help you learn career skills!


With just 15 minutes a day, you can learn tons of new & nifty skills on Skillshare.com. About a third of the courses are free, but there is also an affordable monthly Premium subscription for $8 (if billed yearly). Skillshare is a great place to pick up a new technique or know-how!

Cool Course? Intro To iPad Lettering


Maybe you didn’t get accepted to Harvard like you had dreamed. But hey, Harvard’s courses on Edx.org are the next best thing, right?! While you’ll have to pay $49 for each course, they’re totally worth it and formatted similarly to a month-long online course.

Cool course? Music In The 20th Century


If you have a LinkedIn Premium account, then you’ll actually get Lynda.com as a free resource! If not, access to the website runs a monthly fee of $25 per month or $240 for a year. Many courses are in video format and completion time can range anywhere from less than an hour or 3-hour long courses depending on your topic of interest! Topics mainly fall within the business & marketing categories, but there are lots of creative courses as well!

Cool course? HTML coding


Coursera offers a huge collection of courses ranging from arts & humanities to business! Among all their courses, some are self-paced and others follow a timeline (much like an online course at a university). Most classes are free, but you have the option to pay $49 for an official certificate of completion.

Cool Course? Competitive Strategy


Oh hey, we know them! Here at Bloguettes, we offer online tutorials, blog posts, and bi-weekly webinars to get your and your biz up to speed with the latest trends in the digital world. Social media marketing? Done. Photoshop basics? Mastered it.

Cool course? Growing Your Email List

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