5 People You Need In Life To Be More Successful



5 People You Need In Life To Be More Successful - Bloguettes: The people you surround yourself with can shape you as a person. Make sure you have the Cheerleader, the Creative, & more to lead a successful life!

Whether you are always aware of it or not, the people you surround yourself with can have a major impact on your life and career. We’ve all left a lunch with a particularly negative friend and felt drained or on the flip side, had coffee with an uber positive friend and felt on top of the world. Those are very simple examples of how your relationships can affect your mood, actions, and life. Take some time to reflect and see if any of your surrounding connections fit the bill for the 5 people you need in your life to be successful!

The Sounding Board

If you have a big decision to make about your career or a conflict at work, do you have a go-to gal who you know will always listen? Knowing that you have someone you can turn to that will talk out a problem or debate a decision is a huge source of comfort. Talking is a great way to process how you are feeling and get some outside perspective. Keep this person on speed dial!

The Cheerleader

Who is your biggest cheerleader that always believes in you, no matter what? (Don’t worry moms, you are always at the top of our list!) Sometimes you need a little pep talk before making a big sales pitch or asking your boss for a raise, this family member or pal will always be there to support and encourage you. Sometimes, a little confidence boost is all you need to take over the world.

The Critic

As nice as unconditional support is, you know when you need a cold hard dose of reality. We all have that friend who likes to look at the hard facts and will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. You should always have someone in your life who you can trust to tell you the truth–no matter what. They will be able to play devil’s advocate and help you see things in a new light. Next time you are in a fight with a coworker or can’t figure out why your marketing plan isn’t working, ask your most critical friend for advice and they will set you straight.

The Creative

Bouts of writer’s block, creative slumps, or a lack of new ideas can be remedied by a good brainstorming session with a creative comrade. Even if your career path or business is not creative in nature, connecting with someone who likes to think outside of the box will help you do the same. Next time you feel like you’re in a rut, take this person out for a drink and share your woes. Chances are, their wheels will start turning and they will have plenty of ideas about how to get your groove back.

The Expert

We know you are a total rockstar at your job, but even you can learn a little something from a more experienced peer. Foster a relationship with someone you really admire and whose has some experience that you lack. Whether it be in a field you are trying to break into, a senior colleague at work or just an all around career superstar, find someone you can trust to impart their wisdom on you. You need someone who you can trust to give you top-tier advice when dealing with a delicate matter at work or trying to tackle a tricky project. Just be sure to return the favor to someone in the future when you are the expert!

Who are the people in your life that have helped you find success?

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