5 Steps To Take Before You Change Your Career Path



“I don’t know where my career is headed” is a statement that’s commonly heard from the working crowd that’s been employed in a particular line of work for some 2 to 3 odd years. The same dilemma occurs when employees reach the age of 35-40, hit mid-life crisis and start going over their career decisions and what they could have done differently to love their work today.

You have most likely thought about where your career is headed and how to not regret the chosen direction at the time of retirement. Here’s how to plan to take your career in the right direction when you have time–now!

Know Where Your Passions Lie

The moment you start looking for your next job, take a pen and jot down the things you’re good at. Think about all those things that you wanted to be while growing up. With the list ready, match them with your educational qualifications and shortlist the one that you can achieve even today. Then, after making a list of hobbies or activities that make you happy and alive, start looking for jobs in that area.

Make Your Resume And Portfolio

This step comes the moment when you realize what you want to do in your life. Start investing your time into activities that are directly related to what you want to see yourself as in the coming years. Once you’ve collected enough documents that show your worth in the particular domain, make a portfolio and tweak your resume accordingly. Now, while modifying your resume, don’t go overboard and remove whatever you’ve done until the realization hits you that you want to change your career. Keep your accomplishments intact and with them, add the new things, making it easier for future employers to see that you are someone who knows what their current job role demands while knowing something extra.

Find Companies That Align With Your Passion

The next step after writing down your passions is to find a job in the company that functions in that domain. It’s possible that in order to follow your passion, you might have to start from the beginning. However, if you aren’t very comfortable with changing your line drastically, try to enter the company that functions in the domain of your hobby with whatever role you are presently in. This will give you the space to be among people with similar likings.

Have Patience

The kind of career change that leads to a happy life ahead requires patience and dedication from your end. Don’t expect to make the change in a day or even a month. While that is a possibility, you should be prepared to wait and hone your skills to be job-friendly in the new domain. Meanwhile, make realistic, specific, timely, measurable and achievable goals, and assign a time slot to each. This will make it easy for you to achieve the results sooner.

 Move On, Practically

The last logical step is to move on, if for some reason nothing comes up of your applications. However, don’t lose your heart in the process. Keep working on your skills and adding on to your portfolio, while maintaining your primary bread and butter job. Also, in order to not lose the spark of dedication, apply for freelance, part time, or internship positions in the companies that work in your area of interest.

While it’s true that making a career change and following your dreams might take some time, if you have decided that it’s what you wish to do, take the next step and results will come to you.

featured image credit: Stock That Rocks