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5 Things To Know About Audio-Bloguettes

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Content is king and we need it in any shape or form to connect with our audience and to bring them valuable information and reasons to become our loyal followers. Only sometimes it can become overwhelming and you start to think, “Wait, which type of content should I focus on? Text, pictures, videos or everything above?”

These days there are so many types of content that you need to use to bring your social media game to the next level. Audio content is a new and upcoming trend that seems to grow pretty fast and is definitely not going to stop anytime soon. Podcasts, audiobooks, voice experiences and many other types of audio content are spreading all over the internet, changing the way we consume information.

Now there could be no more excuses for not having enough time to read new article or book, you can just bring them with you on the go and listen to it whenever and wherever you want. Information is slowly replacing music in our headphones (but I mean we’ll always have time for Beyonce, right ladies?)

What is Audio Content?

Before discussing 5 things about audio, it’s important to understand what it actually is. Content in the audio format is basically everything from podcasts and audiobooks to your favorite songs that you listen on a daily basis. It could be your magic tool on the path of becoming closer to your brand’s audience and really understanding their wants and needs.

5 Things You Need To Know About Audio

Audio Is On The Rise

More and more people are starting to turn their attention to audio and voice formats of content. Could podcasts become the next vlogs? No one can say for sure, but numbers can’t lie. Only for the last year, audio and streaming levels have risen up to 76% exceeding the numbers of video views, which makes it even more interesting for all of us young entrepreneurs who’re trying to choose which platforms to use and which type of content to utilize to introduce our product/service to the audience.  

Investments Into Audio Are Growing

If big companies, like WNYC and Wondery, are throwing their money into the game, then we all know that it’s going to be something important. Last fall, both have raised money for the development of new podcast divisions to use voice as one of their main tools for customer attraction, so why can’t we start doing the same?  

Distribution is Growing

A number of voice platforms have grown drastically. You can basically create your own talk show in a couple of seconds and it’s getting even easier. We not only have podcast platforms, like Stitcher that you can listen on your Apple/Android devices but also Anchor.fm that allows its users to ask you different questions, take interviews, play music from their Spotify or Apple music accounts and many other things that you need to create an ultimate audio experience for your listeners.  

Podcasts Help With Follower Growth

Engagement rate is one of the hardest elements for any business on any social media platform but it’s an important factor for your account’s rating. Did you know that audio listeners are very engaging? In fact, 48% consumers follow companies/brands on different social media platforms if they listen to them on a daily basis in comparison with only 38% of all US population.

Podcasts Are Booming

It seems like new podcasts and voice recordings are coming out every single day. People love to discuss all sorts of things and audio is definitely one of the most intimate ways to reach your target audience. Here you can find some of our favorite podcasts that you can listen on the go to have a deeper knowledge in any subject, grasp a little bit more motivation for all your #bossgirl moments or just to laugh and have fun.

Key Takeaways

The list of reasons of why you should start doing audio content after understanding its power goes on and on. Still in doubt? Then jump into reading our key takeaways, as well as, little tips and start executing!

  1. 1

    Don’t wait and start creating audio content right now. The competition level is not so high and you have a great chance to become an influencer in your niche much faster than using any other type of content.  

  2. 2

    Choose 1 platform for distribution and don’t spread yourself thin. If you’re into deep conversations and like to talk a lot, then try out starting a podcast, if you’re in love with engagement and can’t live a day without interaction than going for anchor.fm would be your best choice. There’re so many platforms and we’re sure that you would definitely find the one that would suit all of your needs and preferences.

  3. 3

    Mention all social links of company/brand. Don’t be shy and always mention your social profiles at the beginning and at the end of your audio content. If people are willing to listen to your thoughts, then they would want to support your project on other mediums, give them this opportunity.

  4. 4

    Follow your favorite podcasts to be in the know of new trends and just for inspiration because sometimes we all need to step back, relax and grasp some valuable information from other people to keep moving forward.