5 Things We Love



Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or Single’s Awareness Day, we all have those few practical (or not) staples that we’ve grown to love through thick and thin. If you’re anything like us, we always keep a couple of our favorite things lying around the office, so we thought we’d share with you what’s taking up space in our hearts!

Thus, our February series about the things we love continues. This week, we had Avi (our office manager), Karlie (our video assistant), and Amy (our head graphic designer) share with us what they’re currently obsessed with!


Avi – Office Manager

1. Erin Condren Planner

I love planners. I need my life to be organized, so this Erin Condren planner is amazing. I love that it includes stickers and quotes, and it’s very colorful and has lots of space for notes. Without my planner, I would be a total mess! It has everything from my meetings to ideas about my personal blog.

2. Cute Sticky Notes

At work, I am always making arrangements for everyone in the office during the day. I make sure to write everything down on these little sticky notes and then carry them with me everywhere. The floral pattern on these prints makes my notes look cute, and I love writing little notes to the girls in the office!  

3. Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen

I’m a hardcore Jane Austen fan, but I’M OBSESSED with this book!! I love the book, the movie, the history, the characters, and the entire era the book is about. You can ask me to quote any line of the book, and I’ll know it by heart! I’ve seen every movie and tv-series version of this book. My perfect man is Mr. Darcy. Can someone send me a Darcy to my life?

4. MAC Lipstick in Russian Red

Since I was a little girl, my mom told me to never leave the house without lipstick! Even to this day, I still live by this rule! I LOVE wearing red lips, and I have a huge collection of red lipsticks at home. This one from MAC is my favorite one because it’s the perfect shade of red. Also, we Latinas look good in red lipstick, right?!

5. Disney Evil Queen

NERD ALERT! I’m a Disney girl. My brother and I grew up watching all of the movies. Even though the majority of girls love the Disney princesses, I have always been more interested in the villains: Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Hades and more! I’m obsessed with this cute POP figure from Disney, and you can order all the characters from every Disney movie, book and TV series. Right now, I have this one of the Evil Queen of Snow White, and I can’t wait to get more!


Karlie – Creative Assistant

1. Canon g7x

My Canon G7X had to be in my top 5 loves because it never leaves my side. I love capturing all the events that happen in my life and making vlogs for my YouTube channel. This perfect little camera is great for vlogging on the go because it has a flip-up screen, excellent quality, and can fit in your pocket or purse! I honestly don’t leave the house without it.

2. Memory Cards

I don’t collect baseball cards or Barbies, BUT I may have a serious issue with memory cards. I have an entire stack on my desk, a pile in my purse, and way too many that have gone missing! As a videographer and photographer, I can’t get enough of these memory cards, and I love getting the biggest sizes so I can store the most content!

3. External Hard Drive

With my love for memory space also comes my obsession with external hard drives. Sadly, I could not tell you how many terabytes I have filled up. This external hard drive is super sleek and is easy to throw in my purse when I’m editing in between work and home.

4. MAC Lipstick In Please Me

I love my baby pink lip color from MAC called “Please Me.” It goes on extremely smooth and lasts for hours! I like how it’s not too bold or too subtle, so I can pair it with any look. I usually find myself wearing it to work, and then I put on another coat before I head out to dinner. It’s the perfect shade!

5. Makeup Forever HD Foundation

I have been obsessed with this foundation for years. You could call it my “ride or die.” I don’t ever see myself parting this foundation because it goes on so naturally, it never breaks out my skin, and feels really light while still giving me a full coverage. It’s basically the jack of all trades of foundation!  


Amy – Creative Designer

1. Sugar Paper Planner

I can’t go anywhere without this planner because it keeps me super super organized! I love how the writing space for each day is so big and I’m able to put in so much information. I feel like other planners have smaller areas that don’t have enough room for all of my tasks. Also, it has a GIANT notes section in the back which I use for both work and personal note-taking. Added bonus? I’m obsessed with the color and it’s perfectly Instagram-able!

2. Nike Thea Metallic Silver

Just look at these. Enough said. They’re beautiful and they literally go with any outfit! My boyfriend first got me into the sneaker industry, and these have been my favorite pair yet. The metallic finish makes them extra snazzy, so even when I want to wear sneakers, I feel dressed up!

3. Lush Magical Morninga

This product is seriously amazing. My skin is super dry with the cold weather, and it really helps to give my skin that extra moisture it needs. It also has corn starch, so it doubles as a primer! Also, I love that all the ingredients are natural because my skin is super sensitive.

4. YSL Black Opium

I got this perfume before I was ready to fully commit to the bigger one, but I’m actually obsessed with the scent! It’s not too floral or too mature for my taste, and I can’t wait to get the full size! My boyfriend even has the men’s version, and that one is amazing too!

5. Vision Necklace

I’m totally biased when it comes to jewelry. This minimalist piece is from my own shop, and it goes with everything! It’s a no-brainer and I don’t have to think when I put it on in the morning. Also, it’s very lightweight so I don’t even notice when I’m wearing it and I never have to adjust it. It just works!