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When the dog bites / When the bee stings / When I’m feeling saddddd….. It’s the month of love, and we’re celebrating by starting a month-long series of sharing our five favorite things! Up first, we had Shanna (our editor), Nina (our marketing director), and Becca (our editorial assistant) share with us five of their all-time faves.  From planners to accessories, (even to our favorite beauty products!) we hope you’ll find yourself obsessing over these products too!


Shanna – Editor

1. Sony Extra Bass Headphones

I’m not a very big spender (except when it comes to food lolz), but this was my big after-Christmas splurge. First off, the color. I wanted something bold and bright that would add a little color and personality. These are over-the-ear headphones and definitely come in handy when I’m in the writing zone at the office. Huge plus? The padding is super comfy. They’re also wireless and connect to your Bluetooth which means I never have to worry about accidentally getting up and yanking myself backwards because I’m hooked up to my computer!

2. Logitech Felicity Fox Mouse

Shopping for school supplies was always my favorite thing about the new school year. It only makes sense that when 2016 rolled around, I wanted new office supplies. I’m not a big fan of using the trackpad on my computer, which is why I need a mouse at work. This one, aptly named Felicity Fox, is cute and adds a nice pop of geometric print and color to my desk.

3. Day Designer Black Stripe Mini

I am obsesssssed. Day Designer sent over this little baby to help out with our planner comparison post [insert link] and after writing the review, I had to get one of my own. I really think it is THE perfect size and I love how each day has to-do’s, a top three, a time-segmented section, the 4 D’s (due, dinner, dollars, & don’t forget), along with a notes section. I never go a day without using it!

4. Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

I’m not much of a makeup guru, but my little sister is! I didn’t even know Lush sold lipstick, but I’m so glad I found out. My sister actually got this for me and I love it! It goes on easily and doesn’t dry out your lips. I wore this to our Southern Rail Happy Hour the other week and layered Colour Pop’s Trap matte lipstick on top. The color turnout was gorgeous (other people’s words, not mine. #humble)!

5.  Lush Liquid Lipstick in Confident

I lived in South Korea two years ago and the skin care obsession is UNREAL. There are skin and makeup shops at almost every corner in every single shopping plaza you go to. While I was there, I definitely got into the habit of going home after teaching and putting on a face mask while watching a movie on the ‘flix (aka Netflix. I feel like Gretchen Weiners trying to make ‘fetch’ happen). When I moved back to the US, I still wanted access to Korean skin care products. Cue: the Internet! This face mask is seriously SO FUN. You put the gray goop on your face and in minutes, it’ll start bubbling on your face. (FYI, your nose WILL itch.) After 3-5 minutes, the goop completely turns into a foam and then you just wash it off and voila! Clean, soft skin. It’s the perfect thing to do on a night in with the girls!


Nina – Marketing Director

1. Bronze Goddess Perfume

Everyone is addicted to the smell of summertime, and by that I mean tanning oil, sunscreen, and a salty breeze! I love this perfume by Esteé Lauder because it reminds me of just that! This perfume smells like summertime so you can take those summer vibes with you all year long!

2. Emily Ley- Simplified Planner

I love my Emily Ley Coconut Daily Planner. There is so much room to write and prioritize that it’s perfect for my busy day! It’s an added bonus that the cover is very simple, so if you feel like throwing it into your everyday Instagram pic, it’s picture-perfect!

3. Oahu Coconut Sunset Cream

When you feel like ditching the perfume, Bath & Body Works has you covered with the Oahu Coconut Sunset lotion for a subtle coconut scent! It’s last season, but Amazon has the exact one still available.

4. Lucky Brand Sunglasses

These retro sunglasses by Lucky Brand are perfect when paired with a breezy summer kimono, cut-off shorts, and simple sandals topped with a top knot bun. Can you tell I’m dreaming of summer?!

5. Pencil Case

This double-sided pencil case is amazing because it can be a pencil case (which is what it is technically sold as) or a makeup bag, which is what I use it for! It’s perfect for traveling because you can separate your makeup from your makeup brushes!


Becca – Editorial Assistant

1. Parabo Prints

I found these prints through their account on Instagram and I’m obsessed!! I have a whole collage of them on a wall in my room. You can order 25 square prints, so I picked a variety of my favorite Instagrams, quotes, and styled shots! On their site (or in their app), you can also order the prints in different shapes!

2. Kate Spade Travel Journal

I brought this journal with me when I went abroad in college and I got so much use out of it. It comes with tiny tape strips so you can tape things like tickets, bus passes, and pictures to the pages of the journal. I filled the journal with daily memories of my travels and love looking back at it!

3. Crest 3D Whitestrips

I buy these about once a year just to keep my smile pearly white! You leave them on for 30 minutes and they gradually make your smile whiter. A smile is the first thing I notice about someone, so I always try to keep mine looking its best! Plus, it’s so much cheaper than having it done professionally.

4. iPad Mini

I’m one of those people who literally brings their iPad with them everywhere. It fits so easily in my purse, and it holds all of my Kindle reads on it! I also love being able to watch Netflix or Hulu on it. Sometimes I find myself using my MacBook, iPhone, and iPad all at once! I have a serious Apple addiction.

5. Succulent

I got this cute mini succulent when I moved into my apartment my senior year of college and I keep it on my nightstand. It adds a fun pop of color while still blending in with the neutrals in my room. Also, since it’s not real, it’s really easy to maintain!