5 Things To Do Before Starting A Lifestyle Blog

5 Things To Do Before Starting A Lifestyle Blog


There is no gig sweeter than getting paid to just live your life and share it with the world (just take a look at the Kardashians), right? That’s the goal for many as they delve into the world of lifestyle blogging. However, for many people who don’t have a tech background, starting a blog can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. Before you decide to start a lifestyle blog and share a big piece of yourself to the world, do these five things to ensure a smooth launch!

1. Pick Your Niche

It seems like nearly everyone has a blog these days. Many people worry that there are so many blogs out there that they won’t be able to stand out from the competition. Now is the time to just go for it! Sit down and do some serious research about how you can provide true value to an audience that isn’t already being served. What do your favorite bloggers blog about? How do they stand out from the rest? Make a list of all the things that make YOU unique. Next, make a list about how YOUR CONTENT can be unique. How can you make unique content about your lifestyle? This is where you can truly serve your niche. 

2. Pick A Name

Now that you’ve chosen your niche, it’s time to decide on a name. Check to see if the name you like is available for a domain, and even go as far to check different social media channels to see if your blog name would be available there (ie. Bloguettes = company name, bloguettes.com = domain, and @bloguettes = social media channels; these were all available when we started our company, so it was a perfect fit!). If you find that the domain name is taken, don’t give up! Watch this video to see how you can get the name that you want.

3. Design A Logo

Now that you have a name, design your look! Whether you are designing your logo yourself or outsourcing a freelance designer, make sure your logo reflects you. Your logo can include your blog name, your initials, or a special part of your life that will relate to your blog. Always remember to consider color when designing your logo, as this will have a huge impact on your brand!

4. Pick a Platform

One of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make when starting a blog is which platform you want to use to host your domain. At Bloguettes, we host our site with WordPress, but many bloggers also use Squarespace and Blogger. Pick a theme that goes along with your vision, and make sure you fully understand how it works! And if you’re stuck on which web hosting platform to use, check out this post written by our friends at GoDaddy!

5. Write 5 posts

This is something that hardly anyone thinks to do. Before you hit “publish” on your site, make sure you have at least five blog posts written and ready to go! This means that when your site goes live and you start getting viewers, they’ll have enough content to click and scroll through to see how great your blog is! Always make sure that each part of your website has at least some content so that it looks complete!