5 Things We Love



We have a serious love for shopping here at the Bloguettes office, and that love doesn’t just end with clothing! We’re always looking to find the cutest office supplies, best beauty tools, and any other accessory that we can’t live without.

To continue the third week of our 5 Things We Love series for February, we had our co-founders Sakura and Lorena share with us what they’re currently obsessed with! As the boss ladies of the office, they tend to have the best style and knowledge of products, so we’re confident that you’ll find something that you love among these, too!

sakura's things she loves

Sakura – Co-Founder

1. Denim Jacket from Madewell

I literally wear my denim jacket with everything & anything.  It goes with everything and what I love most about it is that when it gets hot, I can just wrap it around my waist and it makes my outfit 10x cuter!  Definitely a great investment.

2. Arvo Watch

I’ve been into watches lately as an accessory and I love the simplicity of this watch! I’ve always been into minimalist design, and I love that I can pair this watch with any look. It works perfectly for wearing around the office, and transitions well with my evening looks as well.

3. Kate Spade Planner

I can’t go anywhere without my planner.  I have so much going on everyday and it keeps me nice and organized!  I received this planner as a gift from Lorena, so it’s extra special to me 🙂

4. Wacom Tablet

I do a lot of graphic design work and this guy is like my right hand—I can’t work without it.  It makes drawing and writing way easier in my day to day Adobe softwares, but I also use it as a mouse as it also works as a trackpad!

5. Marble Phone Case

I’m obsessed with everything & anything marble and I had to snag this adorable marble phone case as soon as I saw it!  The plus to having a white marble phone case is that it’s a perfect accessory for a perfect flat lay Insta shot 🙂

lorena's things she loves

Lorena – Co-Founder

1. iPad Pro

I’m not gonna lie. I have purchased every single iPad model since it first came out, and I usually use them for two weeks and then barely touch them! But the iPad Pro has been different, and SO much better!! I truly love it and use it everyday because it works more like a computer than a tablet. It’s also great for when I travel.

2. Sunglasses

I bought these sunglasses at a store called Framed here in Phoenix, I love them because they go with everything I wear so I don’t need to change sunglasses all the time (I hate that!). I usually wear one pair for a while and then change it up, but these ones have stuck around!

3. Hat

I LOVE this hat. It’s perfect for spring and summer weekends here in Phoenix, but I can also take it on vacation to the beach. It works with so many looks and outfits, what else could you ask for?

4. Nikon D7200

I bought this camera a couple of months ago. Since I’m not a professional photographer, I definitely struggled with it in the beginning, but after long hours of watching YouTube video tutorials I finally learned how to use it well, and I love it! The quality of the pictures is amazing and I am very happy with it. I use it with a 50mm lens!

5. Armani D’Armani Lip Gloss

Sakura introduced me to this color and I have been obsessed with it ever since! I wear it all the time and with everything. Just like with sunglasses, I obsess over one lipstick for a while and then I move onto the next one. It really comes in handy on those days when I am running late and barely have time to do my makeup, because it brings my pale lips to life!