5 Things You Should Do To Add Excitement Into Your Life



Life doesn't have to be dull. Take it from our intern, Ananza! Here are 5 things to add excitement and help you learn how to live life to the fullest!

Our events intern, Ananza, knows a thing or two when it comes to creating a party. The biggest party she’s planned? Her life! We asked Ananza what five things people should do to add excitement and spontaneity into their life and this was her advice!

Growing up as an only child, there were many occasions where I had to find ways to entertain myself. Yes, I was the kid who would have tea parties by herself, host teaching sessions to my stuffed animals, and dress up to pretend that I was auditioning for American Idol. I would always try and think outside of the box to prevent from myself of getting easily bored, so this trait definitely spilled over into my adult life. It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and I always try to remind myself that everyday life can be exciting.

Although there are many days where I enjoy comfortable lounging in bed, I try and make the most out of my life, especially while in college. I have learned that the simplest adventures can really add some variety and memorable experiences into your life, only if you are willing to take the leap of faith and go for them. Here are five ways to add some excitement and spontaneity into your everyday life!


(Eat as Much as You Can)

One of the most exciting aspects of life are the different exotic cultures offered around the world, especially when it comes to food. Being from Los Angeles, I was exposed at any early age to a multicultural and diverse city where the food choices are nearly infinite. Whenever I want to go out with my friends/family, I never hesitate to try new places and indulge. From savory to sweet, you would be surprised at how many different places there are to try around your city.

From Asian cuisine, to Mexican food, to one of my all-time favorites, Caribbean food, take advantage and eat as much as you can! If you do not have as many options nearby, grab some family members or friends, head onto Pinterest, and find some appealing recipes that you want to try. Also, never be afraid to try foods that you have never eaten before because one of the best things about life is that if you don’t enjoy something, you never have to try it again!

Bon Voyage

(Explore Your State) 

As a Southern California native, I find that some of my most memorable experiences have been exploring what California has to offer. Where else can you find a beach, desert, and mountain range all within a 50-mile radius? Whether you are from Colorado or Florida, each state has some varietal adventurous aspects, so take full advantage of the ones nearby.

If you feel like your location isn’t that interesting, grab some friends, and take a road trip to any other neighboring states or cities that you may be interested in visiting. You will be surprised at how many hidden gems that aren’t too far from your location. Utilize search engines like Yelp or Google and make a list of locations you want to visit nearby! 

Don't limit yourself to what you already know--always remain open-minded and optimistic.

Don’t Kill My Vibe

(No Negative Nancys)

I personally find that one of the most frustrating downfalls when exploring is having someone around who is completely killing the vibe! From the chronic complainers, to the nagging motormouths, to the ones that just can’t agree with anything anyone wants to do, beware of the Negative Nancy! I find that a Negative Nancy can really put a damper on fun and excitement especially when it comes to trying something out of the ordinary.

When taking on a new adventure, always invite people that you know are down for anything. You know that one fearless friend you have those crazy memories with because they are willing to try anything thrilling and exciting? These are the best types of people to explore with because they seek making the most out of life! Whether it’s cliff jumping at Havasupai Falls, or trying out those scary corn mazes during Halloween, always make sure that the friends and family you surround yourself with are just as willing to take the plunge as you are. Not every adventure will always go smoothly, but if you are surrounded by people that exert nothing but positive energy, I can guarantee that you will have a BLAST! 

Click, FLASH!

(Capture the Moment)

My friends all consider me the Snapchat queen as I always have my phone/camera in hand ready to capture the moment! From sunsets to funny moments with friends, I feel like one of the best aspects of life is to be able to look back on a good experience and reminisce on how it made you feel. Here at Bloguettes, we take photos of literally EVERYTHING, so I get a lot of practice posing for the camera or capturing the moment while at work. Capturing the moment can also remind you of how much fun you had with an experience and bring you to re-live it again. Some moments are meant to only remain as a memory within your mind but for the ones that you can capture, do not hesitate to CLICK, FLASH!

*Quick Tip* Here is something new that you can try: head to your local convenience store and buy a disposable camera, yes a disposable camera. These may seem ancient, but you will be surprised at how exciting it can be to take photos and have no idea what you took until they are developed. Let’s bring back an old technique and start a new trend!

The Sky is the Limit

If you are truly trying to add some excitement and spontaneity into your life, the sky must be the limit! Be as open as you possibly can and take advantage of every opportunity you’re faced with to make a memory. I personally feel like the opportunities to do something outside the box come during times where we absolutely don’t feel like doing anything. I can’t tell you how many opportunities I have had to make a great memory, but my laziness prevented me from having the best possible time. If your intuition is telling you you won’t regret it, go and make some new memories.

Also know that if you want to create new memories, sometimes you have to be the planner! Planning is my forte, hence the reason I am an events intern, but I love when my friends/family are able to plan something new and exciting for us to try. Overall, if you want to add some spontaneity into your life, just always be willing to try new adventures and seek new thrills no matter how crazy or difficult they may seem!

Aside from these five methods, always remember that the most important aspect of adding excitement and spontaneity into your life is by limiting your negative energy, maintaining your stress, and remaining grateful for everything you have in your life. We all have plenty of things we can complain about, but if you keep a positive attitude, even toward the negative instances, you will find yourself happier and able to find value in the most simple things in life. Don’t limit yourself to what you already know–always remain open-minded and optimistic, and you will see dull moments fade away!