5 Ways To Brainstorm New YouTube Videos

5 Ways To Brainstorm New YouTube Videos - Bloguettes


Ever wonder how YouTubers never seem to run out of new video ideas? Here are a few tips that'll have you thinking like the video gurus on the 'net!

YouTubers who have been creating videos for years never seem to run out of ideas, their videos only seem to get more creative with time. Coming up with video ideas isn’t hard, it just takes time and dedication. Even the most creative individuals find themselves in a rut for video ideas from time to time.



Inspiration for video ideas can come from anywhere and everywhere. Once you have a general idea of what your videos will be about, it’s time to start brainstorming ideas. Although having a niche makes it easier to come up with video ideas it’s not necessary. Creating videos that you love watching isn’t necessarily the best idea. You might love watching videos about camera equipment but lack the knowledge about the topic. Create videos that you would enjoy making and have fun so your hobby doesn’t turn into an obligation.

Look Through Magazines

Even though vloggers have taken over how we find out about up and coming trends, not much has changed in fashion & beauty magazines. Magazines still use models and readers have a hard time making a connection. People like raw and authentic. The reason YouTubers have become so popular is because viewers can relate. Don’t copy exact articles, but take inspiration from them and give it your own spin in video format.

Search Popular Videos

If you want views or followers, the quickest way is to create videos that are trending. When it comes to beauty trend forecasting, you can look through hashtags on Instagram. For example, when you search “beauty” or “makeup,” you can see what’s new or pictures of products that haven’t launched yet.

Create A Series

A video series is simply a number of organized videos that covers similarly related content or ideas. Doing a big series can also help you establish credibility in your niche. For example, you can start a video series on how to start a YouTube channel and the following videos can talk about types of cameras to use, how to edit videos, etc.

Ask Your Viewers

Asking viewers what they want to see doesn’t mean they are dictating your channel. Connecting with your viewers is a two-way relationship. After all, your success and fame depends on your viewers’ engagement. Hosting a twitter poll or asking people to Snapchat you ideas can give you a better feel for what your viewers would like to see next.

Past YouTube Videos

Over time, you evolve as a content creator. You shouldn’t necessarily delete old videos because it still includes useful information. Instead, create a similar video with updated information and in the title mention “updated” to let people know you did a remake with newer content!

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