5 Ways To Inspire Your Way Out Of Writer’s Block



How To Inspire Your Way Out Of Writer's Block - Bloguettes: Running into a serious case of writer's block is never fun. Check out these tips to inspire that creativity & get back into the writing game!

Meet Lauren! As our editorial intern for the summer, she has a couple of tips and tricks up her sleeve when it comes to writing and channeling your creativity. Read along as Lauren shares her tips for finding inspiration as a writer!

If you’re a writer, you know how frustrating it can be to experience “writer’s block.” Maybe you’ve gotten halfway through writing a piece when all of a sudden, your mind draws blank. While it can be easy to feel discouraged when this happens, no need to fear! Every good writer experiences this at some point. Here are 5 simple ways to inspire your way out of writer’s block!

Take A Break

At this point, you may be thinking…“Take a break? I have so much to do!” This could be the problem, though. If you have so much on your agenda that you can’t focus on one thing, this can hinder the writing process. A great way to overcome this is to take a break from writing and do something creative. Maybe this means doodling, experimenting in Photoshop or making a collage of pictures. Doing an activity that is enjoyable can help to get your creative juices flowing. You never know what ideas these activities may spur on!

Eliminate Distractions

This may seem pretty simple, but it’s such an important step. Trying to write while being surrounded by distractions can negatively influence the quality of your writing, and it can also decrease your efficiency. So, it’s important to eliminate as many distractions as possible. For example, if you find yourself continuously checking your phone or browsing the internet, it could be a good idea to unplug for awhile.

Get Moving!

Studies have shown that exercise can improve mental sharpness, and it can also decrease feelings of stress and anxiety. If you’re feeling stuck, the best thing to do is get moving! Whether you enjoy going for a run, dancing, or doing yoga, all of these activities count as exercise. When you step away from your work and do an activity that gets your body and brain moving, you can return feeling refreshed and energized.

Mix Up Your Environment

Do you always write in the same place? Maybe you have a special spot in your house, or you always write from your desk at work. While it can be great to have a go-to spot to write, it can get boring after a while. Consider changing up your environment! Go outside to get some fresh air or move to sit by a window with a view. You might be surprised to find that mixing up your environment can increase your creativity!

Have a Conversation

As a writer, it can be easy to get lost in your own thoughts. If you’re lacking inspiration, having a conversation with someone else can give you the opportunity to vocalize your thoughts as well as gain a different perspective by listening. If you’re feeling discouraged, talk with someone who supports you and cheers you on. Call up an old friend or chat with a family member! Never underestimate these conversations, because they may lead to your next great idea!