5 Ways To Make A Sponsored Post Sound More Organic

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Okay. Can we all take a minute to agree that sponsored posts on Instagram (or on any social platform, really) are SO annoying and dry? And yet, 9 times out of 10, these posts are quite often the most important posts from the creator’s point of view. Sponsored posts help bloggers and other individuals to monetize their following, so shouldn’t they be their best and most engaging posts?

As a blogger or an “Insta-famous” individual, it can be pretty easy to fall into this trap. Writing an “ad” for a sponsor doesn’t come easily to most, especially when you’re used to creating and publishing content that is 100% yours. In order to make your sponsored posts a little bit more organic and readable, use these tips to keep your audience engaged!

Be Selective

As a new blogger, it can be tempting to accept any brand partnership that comes your way just for the sake of saying you’ve worked with brands (or you know, to get some moolah). Before accepting any brand partnership, ALWAYS make sure that this is a product or service that you would endorse even if they weren’t going to pay you. The people of the internet are SO good at detecting insincerity and posts like this can turn them off and cause them to unfollow you. To combat this, be selective with which brands you choose to work with. Partner with brands you already like or who you believe will appeal and add value to the lives of your audience.

Always make sure the product or service you endorse seamlessly aligns with your brand.

Use Your Natural Voice

One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make when writing a sponsored post is when they go into “advertisement mode” in their writing or captioning. Again, this is another thing that totally turns viewers or followers off. If your voice is typically casual, don’t make your sponsored post super formal or informational. Be yourself and your audience will appreciate it!

Tell A Story

Let’s say you’re a mommy blogger and you’re getting paid to post about Tide laundry detergent. Who wants to see a boring old post about laundry detergent in their newsfeed?! Uh, no one (sorry Tide). But again, there is a way around this. Incorporate the product into a story that evokes emotions and is relatable! You could post a picture of you doin’ your thang in the laundry room (with a jug of Tide thrown in there, of course) with a cute story or caption about how you’ve been running around between your children’s soccer practice and dance recitals and Tide has been the only thing keeping you sane. A story like this is so much more effective than simply saying they’ve partnered with Tide and they loooove it. Try answering one of these questions in your post:

  1. 1

    How do you incorporate the product or service into your daily life?

  2. 2

    How did you come across the product?

  3. 3

    Why do you or your friends & family love it?

  4. 4

    How does it make your life easier?

  5. 5

    How has your life changed since you’ve started using the product or service?

Make The Image Fit Your Brand

If you’re incorporating an image into your post, be sure to photograph the product or service in an way that fits with your brand. Try to make the post look as similar as possible to any other content that you normally create so that it doesn’t stick out. When taking a picture of the product, make sure it is an image that you would already post, even if it wasn’t sponsored! This keeps your branding consistent and won’t repel any followers.

Consider Your Use Of #Ad #Sp & #Sponsored

While the use of the above hashtags (indicating a sponsored post) varies, the Federal Trade Commission technically DOES regulate some aspects of sponsored posts. While we aren’t here to give legal advice, feel free to click through to this article by the FTC to see what you really do need to include on your sponsored posts so that you are protected.

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