5 Ways Successful People End Their Day

How Successful People End Their Day | End your night on the right note! Use these tips to unwind & guarantee productivity!


Not too long ago, we shared with you how successful people start their days and now we’re here to tell you how they end them! While starting the day off on the right foot may seem like the most important aspect to having a good day, what you do the night before can also have a huge impact on the following day. So before you get that full eight hours of sleep, try out these tips!

Know When To Step Away

With our work coming home with us more and more thanks to the ease of technology and the rise of the entrepreneur, it’s hard to simply stop working. Organizational psychologist Michael Woodward recommends explicitly telling your colleagues when you’ll be available and then sticking to those guidelines. By being able to focus on things other than work, such as friends and family, you will be able to fully refresh before starting the next workday.

Write It Down

Everyone has had those nights where they are laying in bed and can’t get any shuteye because their mind is running over with tomorrow’s to-do list. Take the time before bed to create a handwritten or digital list with all of your to-do’s for the next day. By writing them down, you will feel more prepared to tackle them and won’t end up staring at the ceiling worrying you’ve forgotten something.

Catch Plenty of Zzz’s

Media mogul Arianna Huffington is a huge proponent of “sleeping your way to the top.” In 2007, Huffington collapsed from exhaustion and it was a major wakeup call. Actually, the opposite of a wakeup call, because Huffington stopped skipping sleep from there on out. She banished all electronics from the bedroom which ensured she didn’t stay up scrolling through social media or checking emails.

A Pampering Ritual

Any type of bedtime ritual is a great way to tell your body it’s time to wind down, but a relaxing or pampering ritual is even better. Actress Jamie King makes sure to wash her face every night and follows up with a luxurious skincare regimen. Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow takes an epsom salt bath with essential oils every night to unwind.


You may not have kept a diary since you were a preteen, but it might be time to pick one up again. Both Whitney Tingle and Danielle Duboise, founders of clean eating food delivery service Sakara Life, both practice journaling. A little reflection at the end of the day never hurt anyone! Take this opportunity to get negative thoughts off your chest and then move on to a restful night’s sleep.

What’s your favorite way to end the day? Drop us a comment below!