5 Ways to Feel Comfortable In Front Of A Camera

How To Feel Comfortable In Front Of The Camera - Bloguettes


Meet Abriel! Our vibrant video intern is an old pro at radiating confidence and staying true to herself. Whether it be in person or on camera, she’s never afraid to show her stripes. Let Abriel share her favorite tips on how to get comfortable with the video camera rolling!

Location Is Key

Shoot your video in a space where you feel comfortable and there is an opportunity for good lighting (whether natural or artificial). Direct sunlight can be pretty harsh and unflattering, so try to avoid it! Make sure you pick a place where you feel confident and comfortable, because if you aren’t comfortable where you’re filming, it’s definitely going to show in your videos.

Name the Camera

Talking to an inanimate object can be difficult. If you think of the camera as a friend that you’re talking to, it’ll help you nail your overall delivery! By doing this, you allow your personality to shine through, whether you’re goofy, silly, or serious. Doing this can also help you take the attention off of yourself, which might be a confidence booster!

Pick Up A Prop

When you first start to make videos, it can be hard to stay seated or not move around and fidget. Holding something in your hand (something I do often) can help you to keep still while filming. Moving too much in your videos, unless intentional, can distract your viewers from the topic you’re trying to talk about.

It’s About The Information

We all get a little bit self-conscious sometimes, and that’s okay. Although looking decent while filming is something you should strive for, especially if you’re filming for a professional reason, the content is the most important. When someone watches you on YouTube or your website, how you look usually isn’t the primary concern–but the information you are giving them definitely is! Focus on the value of your message, and your viewers will too. 

Practice Makes Perfect

One of the easiest ways to get comfortable in front of the camera is to actually be in front of the camera as much as possible. You’ll get more relaxed with the process simply by doing it over and over again. Recording a few minutes every day can help you get used to having a giant camera in front of your face. Just talking to yourself out loud can help you get used to hearing your voice, which can sometimes be an issue for vloggers. You won’t be perfect from the beginning, and that’s okay! You’re practicing so that you can grow, and learn what’s best for you! That old adage holds true, “Practice makes perfect!”

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