5 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out

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It’s a busy world out there for brands, old and new alike! The competition grows every day, and so do the expectations of your customers. It doesn’t matter what industry you come from or where you’re located, as the rise of digitalization allows you to think global both in terms of perks and challenges.

Getting lost in the sea of look-alikes all over the world is not an option for those who truly strive for success. In order to avoid becoming just another product on the shelf, you’ll need to ditch the proverbial box and revamp your branding efforts!

Think Client-Centric Thoughts

Old-school marketing gurus might be tempted to stick to traditional tactics that primarily focus on promotion. Simply put, your brand is front and center, your products or services are advertised widely, and you consistently use language and visuals that put the spotlight on the brand.

Today, no brand can allow that much self-promotion, as the shoppers’ mindsets have changed toward a new question: how can you make a difference for me, your potentially loyal customer?

Brands are meant to be problem solvers - assets that we cannot possibly imagine our lives without.

Amazon is a prime example of a brand that puts its customers first! With hundreds of millions of active clients relying on the company every day for all sorts of products, it must deliver and always be on its A-game!

Be the Content Queen (or King)

With a defined purpose and set of values to share with your customers, you should produce as much versatile content as possible. Think: blog posts, lengthy articles, infographics with intriguing visuals, imagery, videos, fun social media posts, brain teasers, etc.

Find what works for your brand as well as your audience, and roll with it! Even if you might be in love with cartoons, your audience may prefer good old blog posts. Make a content strategy that ensures measurable growth and engagement opportunities across all channels, and stay diverse with your creative efforts.

Connect with the Right People

Fake smiles and scripted commercials no longer cut it as prime attractors for your audience. That is why brands have tapped into the world of influencer marketing where you no longer only see celebrities in iconic streetwear, but also micro-influencers sporting Nike shoes in their Instagram posts and sharing their unbiased loyalty to the brand.

Every brand can find its Insta influencer match or any other social media equivalent of it. Influencers make for great partners who genuinely show your brand’s best features; however, they also come with the risk of unraveling some of your flaws. This should be perceived as the opportunity to better your brand with the help of feedback! What better way to do so than in the world of social media?

Olay works with a variety of social media influencers to get its name out there and expand its customer reach! Working with influencers women around the world look up to make its products that much more relatable and appealing.

Show That You Care

Although newcomers in the world of business can’t instantly do as much good as Michael Kors and his contributions to end hunger, they can do their best to share their fortune, and use their expertise and network to make a difference in the community.

There are many ways you can build a reputation for your brand, from setting up blood drives, donating a portion of your profits to a charity close to your heart, to organizing free workshops and lectures in your niche for those who are economically disadvantaged.

It may seem like a small effort on your part to organize a team-building tradition in the shape of volunteering at a nursing home or the local soup kitchen several hours per week, but it’s a tremendous step forward for any company looking to build a bond with its community.

Focus on Cross-Channel Consistency

Even if you are a distinguished expert in your field of work, have built a team of like-minded visionaries around you, or sell an incredible product, none of it will matter if you don’t keep your brand presence consistent and recognizable across all possible communication channels.

Everything, including the color palette that represents your brand, your choice of font, and tone of voice, should scream your brand identity wherever it appears. As soon as your potential customer comes across your Instagram page or stumbles upon your website, they should know it’s you!

Rifle Paper Co. goes above and beyond to keep its branding cute and consistent! The stationary and knick-knacks this company produces are unique in their own ways; however, they all have a particular font and design style that make the brand recognizable anywhere.

Brand identity and recognition are essential to the success of your business in today’s day-and-age. We hope you learned a thing or two and now have the tools needed to make your brand unmatched!

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