5 Ways To Wind Down

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What makes winding down after work so tough? Few things sound easier than heading home, reaching for a pair of yoga pants and zoning out in front of the TV for a KUWTK marathon. So then why do we find ourselves time and time again finally at home, but with screens still in our faces, furiously typing away to shoot off just “one more email”? There’s a time and a place when working your butt off is not only acceptable but encouraged, however past your bedtime with your retainer in is not one of them.


So how’s a #girlboss to know when enough is enough? We think the main struggle lies in making the definitive choice to put your phone (or laptop, or tablet, or Apple Watch) down and leave it there, which is why we’re sharing our five favorite ways to wind down, sans screen.

Just Lay There

Ok, stick with us here. Laying down in bed and starting at the ceiling while you think every last thought is torturous, but laying down on a mat in child’s pose is halfway to yoga! Grab a mat (we love this one) and start by sitting back on your heels. Lean the bottom half of your body forward until your head hits the mat, like this. You’ll be surprised how quickly you begin to feel relaxed, and we’d be lying if we said we’ve never fallen asleep in this position.

Pour Yourself A (Hot) One

Call us grannies, but don’t knock a cup of herbal tea after a long day until you’ve tried it. Make sure NOT to reach for anything with caffeine or you’ll end up feeling the exact opposite of relaxed. We love peppermint tea because it tastes great and carries plenty of other benefits with it!

Like Pinterest, But IRL

With so many of our favorite magazines going digital, the chances of us sitting down and actually flipping through pages of our favorite mag are far and few between. Next time you’re in the grocery store checkout lane, allow yourself to be distracted by the headlines screaming out at you and just buy the dang thing. Maybe you’re a devout Vogue reader, maybe you have a soft spot for Bon Appetit, or perhaps you just can’t help but indulge in the guilty pleasure that is Us Weekly–hey, nobody’s judging here.

Treat Yo’ Self

Unfortunately, daily trips to the spa are not in our budget. However, paper face masks totally are! Pick a playlist, put on your mask, channel your inner Chrissy Teigen, and allow yourself to zen out for at least 15 minutes.

Blog The Old Fashioned Way

Guys, it’s time to get old school. Grab some paper and a pen, and let the words flow. Writing things by hand is not dead. After all, the predecessor to blogs were personal journals and diaries, lest we forget.