6 Closet Essentials For a Professional Wardrobe



6 Closet Essentials For A Professional Wardrobe - Bloguettes: Building a professional wardrobe seems intimidating, especially if you’re starting from scratch. Add these 6 professional wardrobe essentials & you'll be set!

If you’re a professional just starting out in your career, you may be wondering how to dress for the office. Building a professional wardrobe can seem intimidating, especially if you’re starting from scratch. However, starting with the right essentials can give you a great foundation for a wardrobe that will help you convey confidence and professionalism! So, here are some pieces that will help you to dress for success!

A Versatile Blazer

A blazer is a staple of any professional wardrobe. Blazers are classic, timeless pieces, and they can be paired with just about anything. Whether you want to wear one with with your favorite pair of pants or throw one on over a dress to make it look more sophisticated, it can be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Plus, depending on the look you’re going for, you can play with different color blazers, too! By rocking a neutral colored blazer, you can pull together any look, or if you are looking to add a playful vibe, you can put on a blazer in a bold color to mix things up!

A Simple Dress

Dresses are great, because you can put on just one clothing item and be out the door! Also, you can style them in different ways to achieve a wide variety of looks. For example, if it’s a more casual day at the office, you can pair a dress with flats and a jean jacket. Or, you can easily take your dress to the next level for more formal occasions by adding a blazer and heels to complete the look.

The Perfect Button-Up

No professional wardrobe is complete without the perfect button-up! Be sure to find one that fits you in the shoulders, is the right length and buttons without too much pull or slack. Button-ups can be worn on their own or in many different ways. For example, a white button-up with a black blazer can give you a very classic look. Or, if you want to express your personality, go for a fun color or pattern!

A Flattering Pair of Slacks

When it comes to choosing a pair of slacks, it’s all about the fit. By going for something that’s flattering for your body type, you will feel confident! There are so many different styles out there, from flared, straight-leg or even a cropped skinny leg. Also, by choosing colors like black, khaki or navy, you can pair them with all of your tops!

Shoes (Cute and Comfortable!)

While heels are commonly associated with office attire, you may not need to wear them every day. There are so many flats out there that can give you the same sophisticated look (without killing your feet!). Also, when you’re just starting out, look for shoes that are versatile and can be paired with many different things in your wardrobe. By investing in a few pairs of high quality shoes, you can save your feet and your money!

Fun Accessories

Last but not least, accessories can really transform any outfit. Depending on your office environment, you can play around with different pieces. Accessories like a simple watch or stud earrings can add sophistication to your look. Or, if you’re going for more of a bold look, find accessories that will add a pop of color, such as a statement necklace or ring!

Good luck putting together the perfect professional wardrobe, and be sure to leave a comment below to let us know what you think of these tips!