6 Lifestyle Apps You Need To Seize The Day



6 Lifestyle Apps You Need To Seize The Day - Bloguettes: Life kicking you to the curb? Dust yourself off & download 6 of the best lifestyle apps to help you seize the day! Life is better when you're at your best!

We all have those days. The days where your alarm clock doesn’t go off, you get stuck in traffic, you forget about an important deadline and you spend the whole day feeling frazzled. Well no more! This is 2016 and there is an app ready to solve pretty much any problem. So get downloading and fill your phone with apps that will help you make every day as perfect as possible.

Rise & Shine

Aren’t you sick of waking up to an obnoxious and loud alarm every morning? We know we are! Instead of essentially scaring yourself awake, gently wake up every morning with Sleep Cycle. This app uses sound analysis technology to sense the lightest time in your sleep phase within thirty minutes of your alarm going off and wakes you with a gentler sounding alarm. By waking you when you aren’t sleeping heavily, you are more likely to hop out of bed first thing instead of hitting snooze repeatedly. You might even find yourself with a little extra primping time in the morning!


Find your focus after you wake up, on your lunch break or right before your drift off to sleep by fitting in a quick meditation exercise using Calm. This app can guide you through meditations aimed to help you feel calm, happy and focused as well as a variety of other topics to choose from. With exercises ranging from 2 minutes to 30 minutes you can always find time to meditate. Your stress levels will thank you for it!

Commute Quicker

Traffic is one of those pesky things that is just out of your control. It used to be anyways, until Waze began keeping everyone up to date on the latest traffic updates through crowdsourcing. A quick check on Waze when you wake up will give you a heads up if traffic is heavier than normal and if you need to hustle to leave your house sooner than usual. Check again right before you leave to see if you need to take a better route; Waze will provide you with that too.

Pick Me Up

Reaching for a cup of coffee or a chai tea is a given for most people when they are still trying to wake up or are hitting a wall in the mid-afternoon. But caffeine addicts should be wary of how drinking too much caffeine affects your body. Don’t ruin your day by having one cup of joe too many and ending up with a headache, feeling anxious or having trouble sleeping. UP Coffee by Jawbone allows you to track your caffeine usage and lets you know if your caffeine intake is what is keeping you up at night. By logging your caffeine intake you are able to see if caffeine is causing any sleep troubles. You can monitor how your caffeine levels change throughout the day and the app will inform you of how long it will take for your body to become ready to sleep.

Check It Off

To ensure you never forget a task, use Wunderlist to organize your to-do list. If you find yourself unimpressed, and unlikely to use, the reminder feature that comes with your phone then you will love this app. You can create lists within different categories, assign tasks to other users, sort through lists in a variety of ways, email the list to yourself, print the list and view completed tasks. Most importantly, when you check off a task it makes a very satisfying ping noise.

Have Fun

Being productive and organized are important aspects of having a good day, but having fun is pretty important too! Never waste a Saturday looking for something fun to do again. Eventbrite will help you discover popular local events. The app recommends local events, shows which ones friends are going to, allows you to register for and purchase tickets, shows directions and lets you share events with your friends.

Do you have any apps that are your secret weapon to the perfect day?

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