7 Tricks For Making Your Summer Cocktails More Photogenic



After making Pinterest perfect summer cocktails, you need to show it off! Here are our favorite 7 tricks for making your summer cocktails more photogenic!

Summer time calls for bbqs, weddings, casual get-togethers with girlfriends, and of course, refreshing cocktails! Show off those amazing drinks you’ve created by snapping a few photos. You don’t have to be an expert bartender or food stylist to make your cocktails look dreamy. These seven photography tips will help make your summer cocktails look more photogenic, letting snap an Insta-worthy photo just in time for you to say, “Cheers!”

Choose Your Glassware

The glass you choose for your drink will help tell the story before people even read your caption or recipe. Expanding your glassware collection doesn’t have to be a pricey investment. My secrets: the mini Coke glass is from the dollar store and the martini glasses were passed down from my grandma! You could also check local vintage or secondhand stores for collections of glasses with their own character.

Credit: Gourmet Gab

Capture The Details

Get up close and personal with your cocktails to highlight the little things. Whether that’s the drip sliding down the glass on a hot summer day or bubbles floating up in your Prosecco, use your camera to capture it. For close-ups on iPhones, tap your finger on the screen to make sure your camera is focused on the specific area. If you have a DSLR camera, take a few steps back from the drink and zoom into the detail to create a nice depth of field shot.

Small things like granules of sugar can add extra glisten to a cocktail photo.

Color and Dimension

Let the ingredients of the cocktail work in your favor! The vanilla bean ice cream against the bubbly Coke soda added dimension to our grown-up Coke float, whereas the orange and white polka dot straw added complementary colors to the sangria. Even small things like the granules of sugar on the rim of the lemon cocktail add an extra glisten to the martini glass. Think of little ways you can add color and texture to your drink to make sure you get those optimal photos!

Repurpose Household Items

Before styling photos, take a quick lap around your house. Simple things like a bedroom night stand, bathroom perfume tray, a large plate from the kitchen and napkins can significantly change the look of your photo! Artificial flowers, coffee table coasters or pretty placemats are just a few things you can incorporate. You never know what little items will add an extra touch.

Garnish & Style

If your drink calls for fresh citrus, make sure to save some specifically for garnishing and styling. Lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit are inexpensive items you can always have on hand. Try adding a small slice to the rim of the glass, curling the zest for a martini garnish, or simply slicing the citrus in half to set alongside the glass.

7 Tricks To Make Your Summer Cocktails More Photogenic - Bloguettes
Credit: Gourmet Gab

Take It Outside

Capitalize on natural light for your photos. If you have the opportunity, move your drink closer to a window or onto the balcony to get the best list. You’ll definitely notice a big difference in the quality of the photo. If it’s super sunny, try a few different angles to be sure there isn’t a glare on the glasses and your cocktail isn’t super over exposed. If that still doesn’t work, pick up your items and move it to a different spot and try your luck elsewhere!

Make It Personable

If you’re actually sipping these cocktails with friends, ask them to cheers for you or have one of them sip the drink and catch her reaction! These moments surrounding the cocktail will give the photos personality and add variety to your camera roll of photos.

The best way to find the perfect photo is to try a combination of these tips. Play with your angles, zoom in, zoom out, add or take away an item for garnish, and utilize your surroundings. Whether you’re planning a party or just want to try out a new Pinterest recipe, stir up a fun summer cocktail and practice those photography skills! Good luck!