A New Study On The Power Of Pinterest



A recent study from Millward Brown Digital has put into numbers just how powerful Pinterest is when it comes to influencing purchases made by its users. Upon first hearing this, most active pinners might consider this a no-brainer. If you’re anything like the women in our studio (and according to the study, 96% of Pinterest users), you use Pinterest like you would a search engine. You know that Pinterest is likely your best bet when it comes to planning outfits, deciding what to eat, where to go, and even what party favors to give out at your BFF’s bridal shower.

But here’s something you may not know: nearly half (47%) of pinners are likely to experience a major life event within the next 6 months. Some of the more common life events the study observed happening to pinners included buying a home, redecorating, having a baby, getting married and planning a vacation. This is huge for brands, because pinners are super receptive to new ideas while they’re preparing for that big life event–93% of users are using Pinterest to plan for those purchases, and that 87% of them have made a purchase because of Pinterest.

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If you’ve got a product or service for the Pinterest audience (which is primarily female and between the ages of 25 and 44), we think there’s no reason that you wouldn’t stand to benefit from getting strategic with your Pinterest account. If you’re looking for help with monetizing your Pinterest account and using it to drive traffic to your site or online store, check out this week’s webinar. We’ll be discussing all the ways you can use Pinterest to your benefit.