A Plugin For Switching From Blogger To WordPress



Photo from Stock That Rocks

Which blogging platform do you use? Here in the Bloguettes studio, we’re big fans of self-hosting with WordPress.org. We love how easy it is to customize, that there are tons of templates available, and that there’s really almost a plugin for anything! There are also a ton of forums available online, which we turn to regularly with questions and for support. In our two-day branding workshop, we always advise our students to start out with WordPress if they have goals of growing their blog. It’s a little more work from the get-go, but WordPress really allows your blog to grow with you, your interests and whatever direction your site may take.

But what about if you’re not exactly new to blogging? Lots of our workshop students have already established blogs, and are interested in switching over to WordPress, but aren’t sure how. Well once again, WordPress comes to the rescue with an awesome plugin that makes it super easy! Blogger Importer is easy to install, and can help you transfer all of the content you’ve worked so hard on from Blogger to WordPress. Even scheduled posts will get moved over!

Another nice thing about it the plugin is that once you’re done using it, you can uninstall the plugin–so it’s just a one-time deal, and you don’t have to worry about keeping it updated in the future. Keep in mind that this plugin is only for the Blogger-to-Wordpress transfer. There are plugins for transferring posts from other platforms, but this is one we’ve personally used and can vouch for!