All You Need To Know About The iOS 10 Update



Your trusty iPhone hardly ever leaves your side and you know its operating system like the back of your hand. That is, until it changed. Again. (Can we get an eye roll emoji over here?) After one too many of those relentless alerts to update your operating system, you pull the trigger and suddenly you have what feels like a whole new phone. Instead of feeling like you are fumbling around in the dark for weeks, we have found all of the most important updates you need to know about iOS 10!

Lock Screen

You have probably already noticed that your phone is harder to unlock, which is a good thing if you were always unlocking your phone too quickly and missing notifications. You can also access your camera by swiping to the right from the lock screen. Now the lock screen provides easier access to all of your apps that send notifications. If you have a newer iPhone with 3D Touch, you can press a message to pull up more information and reply directly to the message without unlocking your phone.


If you thought adding an emoji to your texts was festive, wait until you test out all of the new texting features.

When texting, you will now find to the left of the compose field three icons: a camera, a heart, and an App Store icon. When you tap the camera icon you can access your recent photos, take a photo, or access your entire library of photos. The heart icon in Messages is for sending “Digital Touch” messages. You can send a drawing, a kiss, or a beating heart graphic. When you tap the App Store icon you’re given the option to search for GIFs. You can also swipe to share a song clip you’ve recently played or embed stickers from a third-party app. The coolest part is you can add fun fullscreen effects to your messages. Instead of just tapping the arrow button to send a message, press and hold it. You can choose between fun texting effects like sending a secret message or making balloons fall down the screen.


So Google Maps didn’t exactly launch with the best reviews a few years back, but it has been updated with some pretty helpful new features. When using the map feature, once you select a business or point of interest to browse, the app shows you information about it: photos, a description, contact information, and a Wikipedia entry or Yelp reviews when relevant. There are easy to read instructions listed at the top, your next instructions are listed when applicable, and the bottom of the screen shows your ETA.


We can’t even count how many hours of sleep we have lost to scrolling through our phones in bed. The new Bedtime feature is going to try and remedy that. You input a time you’d like to wake up each morning and then select which days of the week you’d like the alarm to work. You then choose what time each night you would like to be notified to go to sleep. The feature also helps track your sleep with the use of a HealthKit connected sleep tracker.

New Emojis

We saved the best for last–new emojis! The new emojis are mostly updates on your old favorites. Along with slightly updated designs, they also have more inclusive emojis. This means families and relationships are more diversely represented and each career and sport has a female emoji. The best emoji update is that now you will never have to search through all of the emojis looking for the perfect one. While typing, you can highlight a word and see what emoji you can replace that word with.

Which of the new features are you the most excited about and which are you wishing stayed the same? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to give us a follow on Stumble Upon to keep up with similar posts!