This Just In! Introducing Amazon Spark



Photo from Stock That Rocks

It seems like Amazon is set on taking over the world lately with all of the new things they’ve been implementing. This time, they’re taking on shoppable photos–a feature known to all you Instagrammers out there!

It’s called Amazon Spark, and its goal is to shift users back to Amazon with the social activity that has been happening off-site. It allows product inspiration to turn into direct purchases with a simple click. It’s in a feed-style, much like Instagram’s style, which could potentially be a competitor. Keep reading to learn all about it!

How Amazon Spark Works

Mobile App


To use Amazon Spark, you have to first download the mobile app. Just go to the ‘Program and Features’ menu option in the navigation. You can select five or more interests to follow and using that information, Amazon Spark will make you a customized feed of products, ideas, or photos that might appeal to you. The interests can vary from basic to ultra specific and narrowed.



After entering your information and being asked about notifications, you’ll get a feed full of products, ideas, and stories. Some posts may be more in review form, while other times it may just be a pretty photo like the ones you see on Instagram or Pinterest.


If the photo contains anything that Amazon sells, there will be a little shopping bag icon in the bottom-right corner. There will be a number that tells you how many products can be shopping on Amazon.

Shopping Experience


The shopping experience is designed to be easy and flawless–with Amazon, there’s no chance that the cute item you see will be sold out because of the way they connect their inventory with the photos!

The Catch

There’s only one thing that you have to be to be able to comment, like, or post: you have to be an Amazon Prime Member. Non-Prime members can scroll through the feeds, but just can’t interact on Spark.

Also, as of right now, Amazon Spark is only available on iPhone. Hopefully in the future, they’ll make it for Android members as well. There’s a lot of potential for this new feature though, and with time, we can hope to see influencer programs, more options for items to shop, and a desktop version!

Now let’s go drain our bank accounts with this new feature!

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