Pen to Paper Agendas

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How do you keep your blog life, work life, and social life organized? It’s a balancing act that we’re constantly trying to master, and were always interested to hear what’s working for other people. For us in the Bloguettes studio, it’s writing things down on paper. Even the most tech-savvy members of our team bring a pen and paper into every meeting–because it works.  Computers and phones are convenient, yes, and allow us to set reminders, alarms and get things planned with just a few keystrokes, but research continues to show that writing things down is one of the best ways to learn and remember.

So when we discovered Pen to Paper Agendas, we knew these ladies were onto something. They recognize that although blogging has a largely technical aspect to it, most bloggers are using the tried-and-true method of keeping it altogether by carrying an old-fashioned paper planner.

We love that the Pen to Paper Agenda sets itself apart from other planners and daybooks on the market by catering specifically to bloggers, photographers and creatives (our kind of people!). In addition to providing yearly and monthly calendars, blank pages for notes, and an area to schedule out your day, there’s also space to list your photo shoot details, social media campaigns, editing and posting to be done, and–our favorite–a spot to write the day’s inspirations and ‘must remember’ moments. And aside from being highly functional and tailor-made to fit a blogger’s often-up-in-the-air schedule, it’s super sturdy and has a clean, simple design.

We’ve been making use of ours in the studio for a few weeks now, and are constantly asking ourselves WHY someone didn’t think of this sooner! It’s a must-have for bloggers.