An Easy Way To Schedule Blog Posts



On the surface, blogging looks like days full of fun meetings and a whole lot of Instagramming cool latte art. The truth is that bloggers spend a lot more time behind a computer screen, writing and editing, than almost anything else. We wouldn’t say it’s the toughest job in the world (not by a long shot), but we would say that it requires a lot of discipline and great time management skills.

One of the more meticulous parts of the job would definitely have to be creating an editorial calendar and sticking to it. It’s obvious to readers when a blogger isn’t planning content and just flying by the seat of their pants–the result is a blog full of disjointed posts. Even worse than muddling up your posts and confusing readers about the aim and direction of your blog is not posting consistently. We’ve stated it before and we’ll repeat it ’til the death of us–consistency creates readership. People come back to your blog because they like something you’ve created, and they want to see more of it–day after day after day. It can seem like a daunting task to be churning out posts daily, but we think we’ve found a pretty good solution.

Consistency creates readership. People come back because they like something you've created & want more of it.

This Editorial Calendar plugin for WordPress takes some of the pressure off in creating an editorial calendar and makes it easy for you to see all of your posts and their status all in one place. WordPress already makes it pretty easy to schedule posts out for the future, but this plugin allows you to see them all in a calendar view (by week, month, or whatever you choose), and then drag and drop posts to different dates if need be. The calendar also makes it clear to see which posts are scheduled and ready to go, and which are still drafts, so you can easily see where the work is that needs to be done. One of the coolest features is that you can even edit posts within the calendar with a ‘Quick Edit’ function, so say goodbye to that ‘having-a-trillion-tabs-open-anxiety’ that occurs when writing, editing and scheduling posts.

No matter how organized you might be, there’s just something about being able to see a schedule laid out plainly in front of you, and this is exactly what this plugin emulates–and it’s awesome. What about you? Do you use any special tools for scheduling posts and staying organized? We’d love to hear your tips!