App Review: Collabor8



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You see bloggers and high profile influencers doing collabs all the time on their social media accounts. Sometimes it’s a paid advertisement, and other times, it’s a fun trade involving free stuff. It’s easy to be one of those Tea sponsors (Fit Life Tea, Flat Tummy Tea, etc.), but how do you become one of those influencers with real collaborations? How can you get started if your following isn’t quite up to par with those other influencers?

The Collabor8 app makes connecting with brands and vice versa very easy. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a huge following yet, because the app connects you with small, medium, and large brands for collaborative exchanges. The company describes themselves as, “The Tinder of influencer marketing,” and gives users instant access to thousands of brands and influencers across the world. The best part? It’s free.

Collabor8: Who It’s Best For

This app is great for bloggers, Instagrammers, and businesses who want to build a larger following and start connecting with other brands. It allows for both parties to connect and find influencers/brands with any amount of followers on social media!

How The App Works

Once downloaded, you will be asked if you are an Influencer or a Brand. Pick the appropriate response and fill out your information on the page that follows.

You’ll then be asked to fill out a bio and add some pictures from your accounts. Make sure to choose the best photos that represents you and what you stand for. It will be what the brands/influencers look at to decide if they want to work with you!

Go to your profile and add all your social media accounts and the amount of followers you have. This will give people a good look at your following. It’s especially important for influencers, because brands needs to know how many people they can reach!

Once you have a flawless profile, you are ready to start reaching out!

You can go through a list of people whom you want to work with by clicking on their profile and learn more about them. If you want to collaborate, you just click the button and wait for them to accept you!

Once accepted, you can chat with them in a little message room and discuss details of the collab!

If you want to refine your search by location, category, gender, or age, you can easily just click the upper top left-hand corner button.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, the Collabor8 app is a great way to connect with other blogs and shops across the globe. It helps both parties gain exposure and increase sales while allowing you to make connections in this ever-growing and competitive world. We think it’s a great app that can help get your brand’s name out there!

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