A Sneak Peek at Apple’s New Emojis



Emojis make texting and posting on social media more creative and fun. It’s a way of self expression in the digital world and thanks to Apple, we’ll be getting even more! There are already thousands of different emojis available, but now, we’ll be getting some fun, refreshing new ones. 56 in fact.

They include a woman with a headscarf, more intricate facial expressions, outfits, foods, and new fun animals, which even includes a cute hedgehog. There are also vampires, fairies, a monster, a wizard, genie, and many more.

Apple gave us some previews of the new characters in honor of ‘World Emoji Day,’ and let me tell you, they’ll be fun to use! Also in honor of the holiday, the App Store is showcasing apps to create or do fun stuff with emojis and the iTunes Movies is featuring emojis in place of movie titles.

Here’s a sneak peek at what the new emojis will look like!


Apple has definitely stepped up their game with detail (have you seen that throwing up emoji?). 

We don’t know the exact date they’ll be released. It seems like these new emojis will be available with iOS 11 sometime in the fall. What we do know is that we cannot wait to be using all these new emojis!

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