Apple’s New Update Will Make iMessage Way Cooler

Apple's New Update Will Make iMessage Way Cooler - Bloguettes


Calling all iMessage fans! Apple’s primary texting app will be getting a makeover. The new and improved iMessage will now be part of iOS 10, offering a variety of fun features that will take your texting game to the next level. If you’re wondering what the hype is all about, keep reading!

Emojify Your Messages

As part of the update, Apple rolled out several new features having to do with emojis. The new predictive emoji keyboard will allow you to easily insert emojis into your messages. For example, if you were to type “pizza,” you can interchange it for the pizza emoji by simply tapping the word. Plus, emojis will now appear three times bigger on your screen!

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The Tapback Feature

With the new tapback feature, you can acknowledge what someone else said without having to type out a response. By simply tapping on the message, a menu of options will appear, including a heart symbol, thumbs up, question mark and several others. The person you are messaging will then be notified that you have acknowledged their message.

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Handwritten Messages

On the new iMessage, you can add a personal touch with handwritten messages. And, you can easily save your handwritten notes in a library so that you can use them again in future conversations. Similar to this feature, the digital touch tool will allow you to sketch responses, share your heartbeat, and more!

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Other Special Effects

Apple has introduced a variety of animation effects that will transform the way your messages appear. With the full-screen animation feature, you can now display fireworks, confetti, balloons and other fun effects with your messages. Also, you can now send your messages with “invisible ink,” so the receiver has to swipe the message to reveal it.

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