Arizona Gets To Test Drive Google Self-Driving Cars



We're proud to be Arizonans because a limited amount of people will be able to test drive Google's self-driving cars! See how to apply here!

If you live in Arizona you are in luck! Google is bringing their famous self-driving cars to Phoenix, Arizona!

“Arizona is known as a place where research and development is welcome, innovation can thrive, and companies can set up roots,” said Jennifer Haroon, head of business operations for the Google Self-Driving Car testing program. “The Phoenix area has distinct desert conditions, which will help us better understand how our sensors and cars handle extreme temperatures and dust in the air.”

Arizona Gets To Test Google's Self-Driving Cars - Bloguettes

Google is planning on test driving their driverless vehicles in Phoenix and a few lucky locals will have the opportunity to test drive them. Well, to test “not drive” them anyways. Did we mention the “drivers” will be paid? Drivers will be paid $20 per hour and need to have a clean driving record, no criminal history, a BS or a BA degree and the ability to type at least 40 words per minute. The job responsibilities involve driving 6-8 hours a day in a two-person team, five days a week while monitoring the car’s systems with “constant focus” and filling up daily reports.

Phoenix will be the fourth U.S. city to serve as a testing ground for the vehicles. Google has conducted testing for six years in Mountainview, California and began expanding to other cities in the summer of 2015 in order to test the vehicles in a variety of weather conditions and climates.

You can apply to be a Google driver here!

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