Why I Attended A Bloguettes Workshop

Why I Attended a Bloguettes Workshop


So, you’ve watched the Why the Workshop video and you’ve attended multiple webinars. But you’re still asking yourself, “Is a branding workshop really for me?” We’ve rounded up personal experiences from four former workshop attendees. Read on to find out how the Bloguettes branding workshop impacted an incredibly diverse group of creatives!

: Mariya Moore
Occupation: Community & office manager at The Makers Space, a coworking space in Seattle
Blog/brand: mariyajasmine.com, @mariyajasmine
Workshop attended: Seattle, Washington
Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Were you able to network and make valuable connections at the workshop?
The highlight of the workshop was getting to know other creatives in the Seattle area that I may not have met otherwise! We had great conversations about social media and its impact on blogging, which I enjoyed. Everyone was doing something different with their blogs, so there weren’t any feelings of competition.

How have you implemented any of the information since attending the workshop?
The Photoshop section of the workshop was quite helpful. You’re able to take home a booklet that you work through during the workshop, and can reference when implementing it to your blog.

Who would you recommend to attend the Bloguettes workshop?
For me, my blog is more focused on photography, but the topics touched on in the workshop were still relevant and helpful to what I am trying to do. I would recommend the workshop to anyone looking to either start a blog or take theirs to the next level. The workshop isn’t all that focused on helping you create your brand, but more what to do once you have your brand and idea ready to go. A wonderful experience all around!

: Emily Czech
Occupation: Digital Media Manager, Blogger
Brand: @coatandcoffee, www.coatandcoffee.com
Workshop attended: San Francisco, California
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

What attracted you to the Bloguettes workshop?
I had just started a blog and I definitely knew that I wanted it to grow and be successful. I was looking for ways to grow my blog and brand, and thought this would be a great opportunity to learn some strategy behind marketing myself!

Did you have any hesitations about signing up?
I was a little hesitant about the workshop at first since I work in media full time. I wasn’t sure they would be able to teach me anything I didn’t already know. I was definitely wrong.

Who would you recommend to attend the Bloguettes workshop?
Bloguettes really have so much valuable information. Up until now, I had just been Googling things, so it was nice to have an actual workshop where I could soak everything in. This can help anyone’s business really, even outside of being a blogger. It’s for everyone!

: Mackenzie Brown
Occupation: Makeup Artist
Brand: @kenziemacbrown, kenziemacbrown.com
Workshop attended: Seattle, Washington
Hometown: Seattle, Washington

What were your goals going into the workshop?
My goal was learning more about how to utilize Photoshop to make my blog more aesthetically appealing. I’ve taken Photoshop classes before but I loved learning from the Bloguettes because I felt like they taught us “Photoshop for Bloggers.” I feel like a lot of Photoshop classes are aimed towards an audience of photographers. It was really refreshing to have a course that was geared towards bloggers. I felt like it was more relevant to what I wanted to do with Photoshop than any other classes I’ve taken before.

Who would you recommend to attend the Bloguettes workshop?
I would highly recommend the Bloguettes workshop to bloggers of any kind. It’s really for anyone brand new to blogging or even bloggers who have been around for a while. When you attend a Bloguettes workshop, you not only leave with the skills to make your blog professional, but you also leave with new friends and new ideas to inspire you to become a better blogger.

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: Meleyna Nomura
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom, food blogger
Brand: @makingitwithmeleyna, ketchupandkale.com
Workshop attended: San Francisco, California
Hometown: Alameda, California

Did you have any hesitations about signing up?
Totally. I am a mom of two, and my weekends aren’t just for lounging. My Saturdays and Sundays are spent shuttling between Little League games and birthday parties to scrubbing grass stains out of baseball pants and wiping cake frosting off of a screaming three-year-old because she missed nap thanks to said birthday party. I usually end the day collapsing on the couch with a glass of wine while catching up with my husband because we were too busy chit-chatting with other parents all day long.

I was on the fence for a while before I finally clicked the “enroll” button, but you know what? It was totally worth it. It’s not just investing time or money into a weekend, it’s investing in my family’s future. Someone’s gotta pay for that batting cage time and all those birthday presents!

What was the highlight of the workshop?
I hadn’t launched my blog yet, so I was nervous I was going to be intimidated with really accomplished workshop attendees. But that wasn’t the case at all–everyone was super friendly. I think it’s really easy to compare yourself to brands with millions of followers, and that’s obviously not productive. Everything I learned at the workshop helped me realize that creating a brand is a process. It doesn’t just happen overnight. You have to do the work, but the Bloguettes workshop gives you the tools to get it done.

Who would you recommend to attend the Bloguettes workshop?
Any and all creatives. The Bloguettes workshop is relevant to a huge variety of people and professionals. (Even if you don’t feel like you can’t call yourself a professional yet!) Whether you’re launching a new blog, looking to expand your partnership reach with your established brand, or just looking to up your social media game, there’s something for everyone.