How To Avoid The Post-Vacation Blues



How To Avoid Post-Vacation Blues - Bloguettes: Even if you love your job, coming back after vacation is hard. Post-vacation blues are a real thing! Get back into the swing of things with these four methods!

After two beautiful weeks enjoying a tropical vacation, you and your new golden tan have to get back to work! Post-vacation blues are a real thing, and getting back into your regular routine after cliff jumping into the Caribbean and swimming with dolphins can be a major bummer. Here are some tried and true methods to help you bust that post-vacation slump.

Power Through

Nothing brings you down, post-vacation, quite like the crippling jetlag. Rather than being lifeless for a week, tackle your jetlag head-on to get yourself back on track ASAP. The best thing you can do is to force your body back on schedule. Ignore the desire to nap when you are a little sleepy midday, and make it as close to your normal bedtime as you can before allowing yourself to conk out. Go for a walk, call up your most entertaining friend, or pour yourself a delicious glass of rosé to get you through. The longer you prolong getting back on your normal sleep schedule, the harder it will be to get back on track. One cranky, sleepy day is far better than a week of them!

Get Active

Being on vacation comes with a heightened sense of intensity and excitement. To avoid the lull of slipping back into your regular routine, kick it up a notch! Hit up that kickboxing class you’ve been wanting to try, go for a sunrise hike, or join a run club. Turning up the intensity on your normal workout routine will flood your brain with endorphins and allow you to ease back into your regular routine. Not to mention, you could probably use a good sweat session or two after all those poolside cocktails.

Follow Through

Every time we are on vacation, we are inspired to do something new. We promise ourselves that “When I get home, I am going to…” and now is the time to actually do it! Whether that promise was to cook one of the amazing meals you had while you were gone or to read the book you saw in so many strangers’ hands on the beach, follow through with the promise you made yourself. Doing even the smallest thing will help you to feel as though the vacation changed you in some way or helped you grow, rather than just being a blissful past memory.

Share It

Just because you’re not on vacation anymore doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to throw up a little #tbt of your epic vacation moments. Share that photo of you exploring the Blue Grotto in Capri or when you victoriously reached the top of Kilimanjaro! Traveling is exciting! Share your excitement with your friends and followers, even once you are back home.

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