Baseball by Day, Fashion by Night ft. Krista Robertson



Meet Krista Robertson! She’s the social media producer for Major League Baseball by day and a fashion blogger by night! You’d think two totally different fields would be hard to juggle, but our girl does it like a pro! See her tips & tricks on how to mix two different passions to make one meaningful life!

Tell us a little about yourself and what your blog, Covering the Bases is about.

I’m a 23-year-old social media producer for Major League Baseball and fashion blogger for Covering the Bases. I’m a proud alumni of the University of Kentucky and have lived in five states with New York being the fifth and current state. I moved here right out of college two years ago for my job with MLB and am loving it so far!

Covering the Bases came to be in October of 2013 because I needed a separate outlet from my normal 9-5 life. I’ve grown up a huge baseball fan but also a lover of fashion and so Covering the Bases was born! With the blog and work I’ve been able to successfully manage both for two years now and have no plans of stopping any time soon.

Covering the Bases itself is a fashion and travel blog based in the city. It’s a place for readers to come and explore everything from fashion and travel to New York City life and shopping. Truly covering all the bases in your life!

How do you juggle your time between your job at MLB and your blog? What are some specific time management techniques you use?

I actually wrote this post a little back explaining how I manage it all. But the short version is I work 9-6 Monday-Friday and work on the blog from 7-1am during the week and all day Saturday/Sunday. The weekends are actually my secret to life! I shoot photos, record videos, draft up contracts, edit content, really anything I can’t get done during the week. I try to look at it like I have two full-time jobs and I need to plan accordingly. It comes down to just being really passionate about what you’re doing and making it all work!

As for time management techniques, my number one tip is to write things down. I have a journal/note pad and a full calendar that I write everything down it. It helps me keep on things I need to be aware of, plan for, and prepare!

What are the differences and similarities in running the social media platforms for the MLB versus your personal platforms?

I always love to talk about this with other people because while it may seem like two complete different worlds, they actually overlap all the time! So many things from work have helped me with social on the blog and vice versa. One of the biggest things is to always be hyper-sensitive online. You want to be careful about what you post and when you post it–timing is key. Another big thing is the end goal is the same with both the blog and work: have dedicated followers who click and read/watch your content and buy things. So strategy for both tend to fall along the same lines!

For differences, I’d have to say the number one thing is I can’t post pictures of myself on MLB channels (not that I would ever want to haha!) but that’s #1 for sure. I would also be totally fired if I did so! I mean, the blog is about one person (me) and MLB channels are about a million things. So it’s nice to have an outlet where I can really focus on one thing.

Is the way you dress for work different from the way you dress for you blog? If so, how do you combine the two styles?

Yes! It’s kind of crazy, but I dress up a lot more on the blog than I do for work. My office has a very casual style (t-shirts, jeans, sneakers and hats) so my work style is very casual because of that. When I first started, I used to wear heels and dresses, but it didn’t last very long–I kind of stuck out like a sore thumb! Working at MLB has definitely taught me to be more relaxed and comfortable in what I wear.

Before MLB (and NYC in general) I never really wore flats. I loved Jack Rogers high-heeled boots/booties and heels. But now I have to find something more work appropriate and flats have been my go-to. Especially walking to and from work–flats are key to survival. Since I’m more casual during the day, I think I’m also more casual on my blog. I always want to stay true to my readers with what I’m wearing so I’m not going to dress up for every post because that’s not what I do in real life. I try to keep my outfits attainable and have readers see it and say, “I could see myself wearing that to XX.”

The people you meet while working at MLB are (probably!) much different than the people you meet through your blog. What networking tips do you have that can apply to anybody?

A smile and a thank you. A smile costs you nothing and can go a really long way. It starts new conversations, makes new friends and lets others know that you’re open to meeting. And then, you can never go wrong with a good thank you. Thank you for your time, thank you for introducing me, thank you for letting me know…etc. People love to feel appreciated!

What are 5 blogging related things you couldn’t live without? 

My camera (I seriously take it everywhere!), my phone because… #instagram, my computers (desktop and laptop), red lipstick and a crisp white shirt.